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Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2004 wMail

Pop 26.85
Vit 2.46

wMail is a fork of the popular, attractive, and fast kmMail Webmail package, which has not seen any new development in many years. IMAP support is included, as well as HTML rendering of email and great MIME support like that of kmMail.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2009 Mail::Toaster

Pop 39.38
Vit 2.70

Mail::Toaster is an installer for a collection of software which provides a full-featured mail server. The system is built around the qmail mail transport agent, with many additions and modifications.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2014 Mutt Folder List

Pop 365.38
Vit 41.19

Mutt Folder List is a mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders and the total and number of new messages each contains. It allows users to hide or display the sidebar with a single keystroke, and optionally highlights folders with new messages. Users can scroll up and down the list of folders and open the selected folder, and configure the sidebar width, colors, and key bindings.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2006 AeroMail

Pop 56.52
Vit 2.13

AeroMail is a Web-based email client that uses an IMAP server to read and store messages in one or more user-defined folders. Features include: HTTP authentication for login (no cookies) or login with cookies; Optional IMAP folder manipulation; optional spam flagging using reverse DNS mapping; HTML messages and attachments; simple HTML that can be embedded in a page of your own design; support for different character sets (e.g. Russian and Chinese); support for SSL IMAP servers; and support for sendmail's genericstable (reverse mapping of users for outbound mail). JavaScript is not necessary.

No download Website Updated 11 Feb 2005 touchbase

Pop 36.74
Vit 1.42

touchbase is a modular plugin-style groupware framework based on the OSGi specification. Its modules include link (bookmark) management and RSS feed aggregation, but this could be expanded to provide support for calendars, email, usenet, contacts, notes, and IM.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2007 travmail

Pop 27.13
Vit 2.54

travmail is an IMAP Web mail client that features optional use of frames, stylesheets, HTML composition, spell checking, filters, and more.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2009 KONSEC Groupware

Pop 61.97
Vit 7.55

KONSEC Kolab Server is a highly scalable, cluster-capable messaging and collaboration server that is based on the outstanding open source project, Kroupware. The KONSEC Konnektor is a simple client extension that gives Outlook complete group functionality through the Kolab Server, which employs the open standard IMAP together with ACLs, thus enabling you to collaborate in a unique mixed Windows/Linux environment.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2006 ldapvacation

Pop 39.99
Vit 2.60

ldapvacation is an LDAP-enabled version of the vacation program that sends an "I am not here" indication upon receipt of email.

Download Website Updated 15 May 2012 Veldfire

Pop 25.14
Vit 4.73

Veldfire is an email frontend to the Riverdrums C library. The project provides interfaces for sending email, attaching files, and sending mail to lists.

Download Website Updated 13 Aug 2006 SB Timmy

Pop 21.91
Vit 1.87

SB Timmy is an IMAP client for WAP/WML devices. It fully supports MIME, including allowing the user to download attachments to their mobile device, and supports sending mail via SMTP.


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The Window Manager for Smart Windows.


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A cross-platform logic analyzer hardware access library.