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Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2002 Mobile IMAP Reader

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MIR (mobile IMAP reader) is a WAP frontend for reading email from various IMAP accounts. You can browse and read email messages stored in different IMAP mail folders. It is developed with efficiency in mind, and optimised to present all information on a mobile phone in a compact form without any overhead.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2002 SmartPost

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SmartPost is a complete email platform based on Davide Libenzi's xmail. It has Web interfaces for adding and managing email domains, for postmasters to manage their email users, and for users to send and receive email.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2004 paranoy

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Vit 2.11

paranoy is a fast, light, open-source, but overall safe mail client. It includes SSL and GPG support, and it saves encrypted mailbox and configuration files. It has a text mode interface based on ncurses and a graphical one based on GTK.

No download Website Updated 02 Sep 2008 IGSuite

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Vit 3.17

IGSuite is a Web-based groupware collaboration suite. It gives you a "box" of applications that includes wiki, email, documents, calendar, tasks, fax, contacts, notes, links, and more. The power of collaboration comes in when these individual suite components are shared and used within a group. It strives to provide location independence, platform independence, machine independence, and browser independence.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2009 GNU Mailutils

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GNU Mailutils is a rich and powerful protocol-independent mail framework. It contains a series of useful mail libraries, clients, and servers. These are the primary mail utilities for the GNU system. The central library is capable of handling electronic mail in various mailbox formats and protocols, both local and remote. Specifically, this project contains a POP3 server, an IMAP4 server, and a Sieve mail filter. It also provides a POSIX "mailx" client and a collection of other handy tools.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2005 Writemime

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Writemime is a simple C++ package that makes it easy to create and send MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) messages in a C++ program. It also includes a driver program which allows access to most of the functionality from the Unix command line. Creating a message is trivially easy and it will handle all encoding issues internally.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2014 phlyMail

Pop 441.81
Vit 201.20

phlyMail is a groupware, webmailer, and PIM. It offers unlimited nested groups, unlimited POP3/IMAP profiles, quotas, an integrated address book, a calendar with multiple reminders and event repetitions, a file manager with an integrated WebDAV server, the ability to send faxes, SMS support (which lets you send SMS, get reminded of events via SMS, and get email notification via SMS), a bookmark manager, themes, and multilingual support. It uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME and SSL connections. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is included. Through its modular design, it's easy to add completely new features as modules, which can be plugged into the system.

Download Website Updated 09 Aug 2010 Flail

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Vit 4.26

Flail is a flexible, lightweight, minimalist mailer with a command line interface. It is unabashedly designed to make Perl hackers happy. Using flail, it's easy to assemble useful bits of mail-related Perl code into a powerful, no-frills mail reading and composition environment.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2006 Teromail

Pop 21.00
Vit 2.09

Teromail is a summarizing Web mail client with smart search. All output is valid XHTML Basic, and the code base is small. SSL is always on. The user interface is simple and tested.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2004 lfwmail

Pop 63.17
Vit 3.22

lfwmail is a lightweight webmail program. It will run with acceptable speed even on a Pentium 100Mhz Linux mailserver. It has just basic features and no calendar or folders, but it is fully MIME capable and can handle attachments. It is also very secure when you use https encryption. It converts HTML messages to ASCII for security reasons, but you can still see the HTML versions if you want. The code is clean and structured. The installation is straightforward and doesn't require a lot of non-standard modules.


Project Spotlight


Display of images using escape codes.


Project Spotlight


A program that allows users to auto-complete Python code in Vim.