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Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2001 Smart Sign

Pop 48.17
Vit 1.81

SmartSign is a set of modules which allow integration of smartcard technology into an OpenCA based Public Key Infrastructure in order to provide smartcard-based digital signature and local authentication security services. It allows direct signing of e-mail and e-news from within Netscape using smartcards and supports signing of generic files from command line. The package includes a PAM module too, which allows system administrators to integrate smartcard-based authentication for local users. A modified version of the OpenSSH client allows secure authentication to a remote server. A couple of command line tools allow signing and verifying generic files from the shell. Finally, a command line interactive shell supports all operations on the card, and can be used to write scripts that automate particular tasks on the card. Currently only Schlumberger Cyberflex Access 16K is supported.

Download Website Updated 29 Feb 2000 tkbiff

Pop 27.98
Vit 71.83

tkbiff allows arbitrary commands to be executed upon mail reception. If you like programs such as xbiff and xbiff++ but wish they were more flexible, then you'll like tkbiff. Unlike other biffs, tkbiff is fully customizable. tkbiff also doesn't waste your valuable screen space with icons; instead, it shows you the mail itself. It supports UNIX, Mac, and Windows, IMAP, POP, and UNIX-style mail files, and SSL and APOP.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2002 XCmail

Pop 49.04
Vit 6.80

XCmail is a MIME and multi POP3 capable mailtool for X11 using the Xclasses X11 layout library. Its main purpose is to read and write mail, allowing any kind of data to be attached. It can handle MIME types, has helpers to show different types, and can encode and decode binary data into ASCII to allow it to be transported as mail over the Internet. It has many built-in functions such as 2 vCards, unlimited POP3 servers, SMTP, SMTP after POP3, SMTP-AUTH (RFC2554), addressbook, encoders, filters, a special spam filter, spell checker, xface, and a new "virtual folder" concept. It also uses external programs to enhance its feature set. XCmail can be extended through a plugin interface.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2004 paranoy

Pop 32.68
Vit 2.11

paranoy is a fast, light, open-source, but overall safe mail client. It includes SSL and GPG support, and it saves encrypted mailbox and configuration files. It has a text mode interface based on ncurses and a graphical one based on GTK.

Download No website Updated 07 Sep 2003 smtpsend

Pop 35.00
Vit 1.00

smtpsend is a simple SMTP client to transmit an email message to an SMTP server. It is designed for use by programs that need a simple, flexible way to send email, or for experimenting with SMTP. In many cases, sendmail can do what this program does, but it is much more complex, harder to set up and use, and doesn't give you as much lower level control. This program is written in Perl and is based on Perl's Net::SMTP module. It makes a great starting point for writing SMTP client functions into your own Perl program.

No download Website Updated 03 Apr 2009 vpick

Pop 25.38
Vit 2.80

vpick is a nifty little tool for those dyed-in-the-wool MH users who occasionally envy pine, elm, or mutt users. For the times when marking just won't cut it, it allows you to check boxes for individual messages to save them in a sequence.


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A remote API for administering Octopress instances.


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Graph drawing utilities with web and graphical interfaces.