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No download Website Updated 04 Dec 2002 JDictP

Pop 14.83
Vit 2.07

JDictP is a Leitner system flashcard trainer, written in Java for SuperWaba for use on handhelds.

No download Website Updated 11 Aug 2002 Oboeru

Pop 13.34
Vit 1.42

Oboeru is a flash card application for PalmOS. It manages flash cards and creates tests for the user.

Download No website Updated 17 Oct 2002 UniSorter

Pop 21.07
Vit 1.00

UniSorter demonstrates and visualizes some of the standard sorting algorithms used today. It supports QuickSort, QuickSort and Median-of-Three, QuickSort and Median-of-Three and partition visualization, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Shell Sort, Shaker Sort, Straight Radix Sort, and Distribution Counting Sort.

Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2005 PAdict

Pop 59.45
Vit 2.95

PAdict is a Japanese-English dictionary for PalmOS 3.3 and higher. It supports searches for Japanese readings and English meanings. Dictionary entries are displayed in Kana and Kanji. It uses the edict Japanese-English dictionary file and contains about 20,000 Japanese words. It needs 1.5 MB of RAM; the main goals are a small database size and fast searches. Searching is fully implemented and the program is stable. It includes larger databases (the full edict for those who have enough memory) and handwriting recognition.

No download Website Updated 29 May 2003 Dragon Character Training

Pop 34.31
Vit 1.77

Dragon Character Training is a PalmOS program using stroke recognition to help you learn to read and write Chinese characters. It is good for learning Mandarin vocabulary and characters.

No download Website Updated 26 Sep 2006 Studycard Studio Lite

Pop 48.17
Vit 3.82

Studycard Studio Lite is a program to create and memorize multimedia flashcards, tests, and tutorials, including picture and sound identification. It is meant for educators, students, or anyone who has something to memorize. Students can create and study their own flashcards and track their progress. Educators can create quizzes or flashcards for their students.

Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2007 jscl-meditor

Pop 51.02
Vit 4.50

jscl-meditor is a Java symbolic computing library and math editor. It includes polynomial system solving, vectors and matrices, factorization, derivatives, integrals (rational functions), boolean algebra, simplification, MathML output, Java code generation, and geometric algebra.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2009 EggsHam

Pop 39.12
Vit 2.85

EggsHam is a PalmOS application that generates (and grades) practice amateur radio licensing exams. It is for people interested in obtaining an amateur radio license in the US who want to practice for the Technician, General, or Extra written exam.

No download Website Updated 01 Mar 2004 MarsClock

Pop 40.62
Vit 2.68

MarsClock is designed to aid engineers, astronomers, Gods of War, Hrossa, and specifically mission controllers for the upcoming NASA MER and ESA Beagle-II missions to Mars. It converts to and from Earth time (Local and UTC) and Mars time (Local Mean Solar Time and Local True Solar Time) for any location.

Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2004 PSpringies

Pop 18.00
Vit 1.00

PSpringies is a spring and mass simulation, though you may wish to forget the physics and just play with it like a toy. You can easily build a world of nodes connected by springs, then watch what happens when you give a pull here and a nudge there.


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