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Download Website Updated 04 May 2007 AJAX Tree Control

Pop 33.36
Vit 1.00

AJAX Tree Control is a modified version of SilverStripe's tree control. It adds dynamic loading of child nodes via AJAX. The default implementation uses the prototype library to make dynamic requests, but this behavior can be overridden by setting functions on the global Tree object. There are a few demo Ruby on Rails applications included in the distribution that show how to use and customize the tree.

Download Website Updated 21 Jul 2013 AdaptCMS

Pop 77.69
Vit 7.43

AdaptCMS is a PHP content management system powered by cakePHP that features a powerful plugin/theme system, complete article management with custom fields/template system and many other features, along with a fully responsive design. All these tools make it easy to create the content website you want to without the hassle. It uses Bootstrap to ensure a pleasant experience whether you are on a desktop or a mobile phone. Asset management allows easy editing inside the CMS to adjust the styling if you wish. Custom fields have many more options, from simple text inputs to dropdowns with adjustable dropdown options. Full category management is included, as well as being able to link articles to one another no matter what category they are in.

No download Website Updated 30 Dec 2005 Archetypes

Pop 60.65
Vit 3.24

Archetypes is a framework for developing new content types in Plone. The power of Archetypes is first in automatically generating forms, second in providing a library of stock field types, form widgets, and field validators, third in easily integrating custom fields, widgets, and validators, and fourth in automating transformations of rich content.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2008 Blosxom

Pop 84.30
Vit 2.80

Blosxom (pronounced "Blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed Weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind. Fundamental is its reliance upon the file system, folders, and files as its content database. Users can create, edit, rename, and delete entries on the command-line, via FTP, WebDAV, or anything else they might use to manipulate their files.

No download Website Updated 09 Feb 2005 Blosxom.PHP

Pop 57.80
Vit 3.32

Blosxom.PHP is a port of Blosxom to PHP, a lightweight but feature-rich weblog application. It is designed for simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind. Users can create, edit, delete, and move blog entries, categories, and parameters on the command line, via FTP, or with WebDAV.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2004 Borges

Pop 28.67
Vit 1.48

Borges is a Web application framework that allows Web applications to be written very similarly to GUI applications. It runs on Webrick or as a CGI.

No download No website Updated 19 Feb 2010 Buttermarks

Pop 12.49
Vit 42.03

Buttermarks is a social bookmarking Web application. Its features are simple: you can save a bookmark with tags and a description, and share it or not.

Download Website Updated 19 May 2004 CGI::SHTML

Pop 9.33
Vit 1.00

CGI::SHTML is a perl module for parsing Apache SSI directives within a CGI script, without going through Apache itself. It was specifically designed to operate like start_html() and end_html() within while including the same SSI headers and footers that the main Web site parses. While it is not ready for deployment on large production Web sites, it has served well for several years on a mid-sized academic site.

Download Website Updated 17 Jul 2003 CL-WHO

Pop 30.58
Vit 62.72

CL-WHO is a (Common) Lisp tool which can be used to easily convert S-expressions intermingled with code into (X)HTML. It tries to create efficient code and be portable amongst CL implementations.

Download No website Updated 21 Dec 2003 ChartPak

Pop 42.17
Vit 1.42

The primary goal of ChartPak is to provide an easy-to-use library for dynamically generating statistical and financial charts for the Web. It will include a wide variety of common chart types (pie charts, bar charts, etc.), and may eventually provide support for more specialized types of graphics.


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UDP IPTV to RTSP proxy

Access to UDP multicast streams via RTSP/RTP unicast protocols.


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A Linux namespaces sandbox program.