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Download Website Updated 09 Mar 2014 Coq au Vin

Pop 65.13
Vit 3.07

Coq au Vin is a blogging engine written in Chicken Scheme. It is designed to appeal to users who have basic Web development skills (i.e., who know HTML and CSS), are able to install their own server-side software, and would rather edit a template than press 105 buttons to customize their sites.

No download Website Updated 29 May 2013 netjukebox

Pop 21.17
Vit 18.22

netjukebox is a Web-based media jukebox for MPD, VideoLAN, and Winamp/httpQ. It features realtime MP3 streaming from different audio formats. Users can download single tracks or a whole album in one zip file. It is also possible to batch-transcode the whole music collection to another format or bitrate without touching the original files.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2008 HTTP::DownloadLimit

Pop 13.11
Vit 1.00

HTTP::DownloadLimit is a Perl module that allows you to log all downloads, restrict downloadable file extensions, and restrict concurrent downloads of the same file.

No download Website Updated 23 Oct 2009 OpenCrypt

Pop 37.82
Vit 3.11

OpenCrypt is a fully automated and self-managing membership and user management system for use on Internet Web sites. It offers support for unlimited membership subscription groups, linked to unlimited secure content areas, and integration with all major e-commerce payment processors. An affiliate system, integrated help-desk, digital file delivery, content management, newsletter and community tools, and in-built shopping cart systems make it an incredible marketing and Web site management tool too. A database integration facility allows you to link registration with any text database or MySQL-based software such as your forum or helpdesk.

No download Website Updated 28 Jul 2013 web mailing list

Pop 84.00
Vit 9.12

web mailing list is a Web-based newsletter mailing list application using PHP and MySQL. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe, and you can create and send newsletters to your email group.

Download Website Updated 14 Oct 2006 SPyRO

Pop 59.60
Vit 4.42

SPyRO is a multilingual Object Request Broker (ORB). SPyRO uses the most efficient available connection between peers to minimize the costs of transport and parsing in the communication. SPyRO provides transparent and translucent remote object access.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2013 RSS-Planet

Pop 81.98
Vit 2.84

RSS-Planet is a script which fetches headlines from various news Web sites via RSS feeds and then plots the story titles on a world map using xplanet.

Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2006

Pop 26.08
Vit 1.81 is a lightweight, easy-to-use RSS reader application for GNUstep. It understands RSS 0.91, 1.0, 2.0, and ATOM 0.3, as well as different extensions to these standards.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2005 HTML Form Genie

Pop 18.65
Vit 2.03

HTML Form Genie is a CGI form handler, which can either send collected data through an MTA or store it with MySQL. It supports multiple forms, file uploads (with size and type restrictions), and both plain text and HTML email.

Download No website Updated 25 Feb 2005 sf-active

Pop 10.68
Vit 1.00

sf-active is a collection of extendable PHP classes which enable easy construction of Websites with open publishing, distributed wire services, distributed media storage/ broadcast, and complete content management.


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