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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 KDE Simple Programming Tutorial

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The KDE Simple Programming tutorial teaches how to develop a KDE application. With the only requirement of a little C++ knowledge, and using the latest KDE snapshots, the reader will learn how to build his/her first KDE application from a simple "Hello world" button to a Web browser with a DCOP interface that communicates with a bookmark application running in a separate process. There's also a spanish version of the documentation.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Linux Logical Volume Management HOWTO

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Logical Volume Management is the art of combining disks to create larger and more flexible filesystems. You can concatenate partitions to create huge volumes. It's also possible to create volume 'snapshots' which enable more or less 'hot' backups. But you can also transparently move data from one disk to another. This HOWTO helps you in a very hands-on way to use these amazing tools.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2006 Linux Quake Howto

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The Linux Quake Howto is a modern guide to Quake, a collection of the most useful tips, and a pointer to the best resources still available on the Web. The focus is on GLQuake, but it also covers Quakeworld, Quake II, and III.

No download Website Updated 14 Dec 2011 Linux-Mobile-Guide

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The Linux-Mobile-Guide (formerly called the Laptop-HOWTO) is a guide covering laptop, notebook, PDA, and mobile phone related Linux features, such as installation methods (via network interface, without CD/DVD drive, etc.), hardware features (PCMCIA, IrDA, Bluetooth, APM, ACPI, etc.), and configurations for different environments.

No download Website Updated 27 Apr 2002 LinuxFacile

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Linux Facile is an Italian manual for those who have little experience with GNU/Linux, but who wish to become familiar with it. It is designed to make the experience of learning and using GNU/Linux an easy and gradual one. It is available in several formats, and is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License.

No download Website Updated 19 Aug 2001 L2T

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L2T extracts excerpts of Lisp (Scheme), C, or Perl code from files and incorporates them, for instance, into TeX files. It can also conveniently pretty-print or convert parenthetic Sexpressions into trees, drawings, Greek denotations, etc.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Literate Perl

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This module implements a simple Literate Programming capability for Perl. Just as Perl's Plain Old Documentation (POD) is intended to be just powerful enough to be useful while remaining easy for the programmer, Literate Perl (LIP) is intended to bring the basic benefits of Literate Programming to Perl without radically altering the way programmers/authors work.

Download Website Updated 26 Apr 2014 LyX

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LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance. It is intended for people people who write and want their writing to look great without tinkering with formatting details, font attributes, or page boundaries. On screen, it looks like any word processor, but it uses the TeX engine for printed output and producing richly cross-referenced PDFs. It is stable and fully featured.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2004 make_faq

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make_faq is an HTML generator that builds chunks/chapters/questions-and-answers or whatever, and builds indexes to hold it all together. It's a fairly general purpose tool for creating a set of indexed pages, but it's common usage is to build FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) HTML from text documents. See the examples for a better understanding.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2011 man

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The man page suite, including man, apropos, and whatis consists of programs that are used to read most of the documentation available on a Linux system. The whatis and apropos programs can be used to find documentation related to a particular subject.


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Java Serialization to XML

A simple library for serializing Java objects to XML.


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A Step 7 AWL/STL/PLC simulator.