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Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2002 Haskell IDoc

Pop 23.24
Vit 1.00

Haskell IDoc extracts interface documentation and declarations from Haskell modules based on standard Haskell layout rules and a small number of clues that the programmer embeds in interface comments. These clues have been designed to be visually non-imposing when displaying the source in a text editor. Interface documentation is rendered in standard markup languages. IDoc has been designed to be simple to use and install.

No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2002 PLDoc utility (javadoc for PL/SQL)

Pop 42.99
Vit 1.00

PLDoc is a utility for the automatic generation of PL/SQL code documentation. It follows the de-facto standards created first by javadoc tool for Java.

No download Website Updated 02 Mar 2004 Multivalent Browser

Pop 70.21
Vit 2.19

Multivalent Browser is a utility that natively views scanned paper, PDF, HTML, UNIX manual pages, and TeX DVI. The browser supports in situ annotations such as hyperlinks, highlights, notes, and executable copy editor markup on any of these formats. It boasts advanced features such as lenses and robust locations. For developers, Multivalent has an API for extensions, and the document viewers can be embedded in Java Swing-based applications.

No download Website Updated 25 Oct 2004 New Repository

Pop 16.25
Vit 1.95

New Repository is an XML repository that sits on top of any SQL database. It is written in Java and uses an optimal algorithm for compression and reuse of elements so that database size is minimized, and searches are easy and fast.

No download Website Updated 26 May 2002 Linux MIDI-HOWTO

Pop 19.80
Vit 1.01

The Linux MIDI HOWTO describes the hardware, software, and procedures needed to play and sequence using MIDI under Linux. It covers configuring your MIDI interface, playing MIDI files, sequencing, controlling external MIDI equipment, MIDI-controlled software-based sound synthesis, and example MIDI code.

Download Website Updated 30 Mar 2004 Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO

Pop 62.40
Vit 2.68

The Postfix-Cyrus-Web-cyradm-HOWTO document guides you through the installation of the Postfix mail transportation agent (MTA) and the Cyrus IMAP server. The goal is a fully functional high-performance mail system with user administration via Web-cyradm, a Web interface. Data like virtual users, aliases, etc., are stored in a MySQL database.

Download No website Updated 18 Jun 2002 XoopsForge

Pop 87.03
Vit 1.43

XoopsForge is a SourceForge clone built on top of the Xoops Content Management System. It uses MySQL instead of PostgreSQL, and has lots of settable options.

No download Website Updated 18 Sep 2002 oraschemadoc

Pop 27.17
Vit 2.04

Oraschemadoc creates "JavaDoc"-style detailed HTML documentation for all objects in a schema, covering Oracle-specific features.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2004 Cflow2Cflow

Pop 28.07
Vit 1.00

cflow2cflow is a small utility to quickly manipulate the output of a large cflow output file. The cflow utility is a tool which take one or more C source files and produces a calltree file. cflow2clow will restrict, invert, etc. the output file.

No download Website Updated 08 Sep 2002 Linux ATA RAID HOWTO

Pop 68.28
Vit 1.76

The Linux ATA RAID HOWTO explains how to set up RAID 1 (disk mirroring) and then install Red Hat Linux on the mirror device. Promise Technology was one of the first companies to come up with quasi-hardware RAID for inexpensive IDE hard disks. This document covers using the Promise proprietary RAID driver as well as the Linux native ATA RAID.


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Java Serialization to XML

A simple library for serializing Java objects to XML.


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A Step 7 AWL/STL/PLC simulator.