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Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2013 MBW

Pop 58.82
Vit 7.77

MBW determines the "copy" memory bandwidth available to userspace programs. Its simplistic approach models that of real applications. It is not tuned to extremes and it is not aware of hardware architecture, just like your average software package.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2012 libexplain

Pop 71.12
Vit 7.11

The libexplain project provides a library that may be used to explain Unix and Linux system call errors. This will make your application's error messages much more informative to your users. The library is not quite a drop-in replacement for strerror, but it comes close: each system call has a dedicated libexplain function.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2008 RFDUMP

Pop 56.66
Vit 2.41

RFDUMP is a GUI to edit the "User Data Fields" on RFID tags and to test if a tag is protected against reading or writing. It implements a real life cookie on RFID tags. The tags that are supported for reading, writing, and editing are ISO 15693, ISO 14443 A, ISO 14443 B, SR176(1,2), Tag-it®, and I-Code®.

No download Website Updated 07 Feb 2006 Torta

Pop 28.98
Vit 1.00

Torta shows you where your disk space is going. It uses the graphical format used by filelight to represent disk usage. Unlike filelight, it can be run on a computer with no graphical environment: it generates a Flash file that can be consulted, locally or remotely, using any browser that has the Flash plugin installed.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2005 libksnmp

Pop 23.77
Vit 1.43

libksnmp is a KDE library that wraps around net-snmp to allow KDE applications to get SNMP statistics without the need to walk through net-snmp conflicts with autoconf/automake projects, using a KDEish C++ interface.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2004 i.Task

Pop 32.74
Vit 1.77

i.Task is a small and fast process viewer and terminator for Linux. It lists all running processes and associated information, allowing the user to sort by any column. The information displayed includes, process name, PID, CPU usage/time, owner, priority, threads, memory usage and process arguments. The context menu allows you to send TERM or KILL signals to a process. The main benifit of i.Task, apart from the easy-to-use interface, is that it has far fewer dependencies that other available process viewers.


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XML Configuration File Editor

A Web service to edit an XML configuration file.


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Devel Live CD

A Live CD to compile programs.