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Download No website Updated 05 Feb 2012 sleepworker

Pop 44.00
Vit 2.22

sleepworker is a daemon that monitors your Unix machine for idle time. With the help of this daemon, you can execute commands or programs during idle time.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2011 Xtra Screen Hacks

Pop 46.48
Vit 4.30

Xtra Screen Hacks is a collection of graphics display modes that are meant to be run with a daemon such as XScreenSaver. It includes eight hacks, the latest of which is "Psychedelic."

Download No website Updated 23 Feb 2010 LifeSaver & MandelSaver

Pop 24.25
Vit 1.42

LifeSaver is a Mac OS X screensaver that simulates Conway's game of life on screen. The starting configurations for the cells are randomly selected from predetermined configurations and from randomly generated configurations. MandelSaver is a Mac OS X screensaver that draws colorised Mandelbrot images on the screen. The position and coloration of the subset of the fractal displayed is randomly selected.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2010 Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port

Pop 179.05
Vit 7.13

The Really Slick ScreenSavers GLX Port is a port of some nifty OpenGL screensavers that were originally written for Windows to GLX. It is intended for use with an existing screensaver daemon like xscreensaver.

No download Website Updated 10 Dec 2009 GNUSTEP live CD

Pop 128.09
Vit 4.57

GNUSTEP Live CD contains a lot of software for GNUstep, a free implementation of the OPENSTEP framework (which is also directly used in Mac OS X as Cocoa). It includes excellent applications for RAD (GORM and ProjectCenter). The CD is available for i486, AMD64, Apple Mac PowerPC, and Sun UltraSPARC computers.

No download No website Updated 01 Jul 2009 Paper Pilots Screensaver

Pop 22.32
Vit 2.16

The Paper Pilots screensaver is a 3D screensaver. It allows the user to customize up to 20 different screen configurations, choosing various combinations of airplanes, balloons, and scenery. A trial version is available for download.

Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2009 Xlockmore

Pop 119.32
Vit 6.86

xlockmore is an enhanced version of xlock. It incorporates several new commandline options, which allow you to run it in a window, in the root window, in a different size/location, change the size of the iconified window, to install a new colormap and delay locking for use with xautolock.

Download Website Updated 25 Jun 2009 Matrix GL Screensaver

Pop 100.24
Vit 2.98

Matrixgl is a 3D screensaver for Linux (partially for KDE) based on "The Matrix Reloaded". It supports widescreen setups.

Download Website Updated 17 May 2009 Xgone

Pop 17.66
Vit 42.48

Xgone locks the screen until the current user's password is entered. While waiting, it displays a message telling where the person went and when they started the program. It moves this text around the screen to avoid burning it in at a particular location on the monitor.

Download No website Updated 21 Apr 2009 Phyllotaxis Screensaver

Pop 24.31
Vit 1.00

Phyllotaxis Screensaver draws a golden ratio-based spiral that often occurs in nature.


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