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Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2011 ImgurUp

Pop 51.35
Vit 2.14

ImgurUp is a GNOME desktop application for uploading images to the service (using the Anonymous API) and keeping track of your uploads in your own desktop database. It allows easy access to your uploaded images at any time.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2014 DeforaOS Editor

Pop 50.11
Vit 2.38

DeforaOS Editor is a text editor for the DeforaOS desktop.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2014 DeforaOS Todo

Pop 42.54
Vit 6.96

DeforaOS Todo is a simple task manager for the desktop. It allows tracking pending and completed tasks, and sorting them by date or priority.

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 2010 Simple Image Reducer

Pop 40.58
Vit 1.42

Simple Image Reducer is an GTK application to easily reduce and rotate images. It can be useful for processing digital photos before sending by email or uploading on the Web. Image files can be supplied to the application from the file manager using the context menu "Open with...", or dragging files to the main window.

No download No website Updated 11 Jan 2012 GAdmin-Control-Panel

Pop 29.09
Vit 1.46

GAdmin-Control-Panel is a control panel that combines all GAdmintools server administration frontends. It is modular and adds start buttons for all currently installed GAdmintools applications. All images and application start buttons are scaled, aligned, and sized to give the best possible graphical layout.

Download No website Updated 04 Mar 2011 gtkPyglot

Pop 23.00
Vit 1.76

gtkPyglot is a desktop tool for software translators that provides an easy and comfortable way to check for existing translations from other projects in Launchpad. It currently supports the Web site and Google Translate.


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A client-server pair to register clients with dynamic IP addresses in hosts.allow.


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A object-relational mapper.