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No download Website Updated 03 Jun 2013 IckleBot for Android

Pop 24.70
Vit 17.88

IckleBot facilitates quick Android development by generating boilerplate code and offers alternative simplified threading and event models. It encourages loose-coupling and maintainability by providing a runtime dependency injection framework.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2013 dyject

Pop 28.05
Vit 18.86

Dyject is a dependency injection module for Python. Unlike other enterprise libraries used for Inversion of Control (IoC) which have classes which look like AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean, dyject is simple to understand and easy to use. It supports both Python 2.7 and Python 3, has no other dependencies, and uses standard configuration files to define and wire objects.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2012 APServiceBox

Pop 23.83
Vit 1.76

APServiceBox provides dependency injection for your iOS projects.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2012 Mouf PHP framework

Pop 16.64
Vit 1.00

Mouf is a special kind of PHP framework. It combines an Inversion of control (IOC) framework and a component download system in a nice Web-based user interface. The goal of Mouf is to help you use and re-use components. By itself, it does not provide anything useful, but it will help you download and install libraries of components, and bind those components together. You will get better and cleaner code using Mouf. Mouf features more than 100 packages providing various ready-to-use components of a Web application, ranging from an MVC framework to an ORM layer, logging, form generation, image manipulation, Drupal integration, authentication, etc.

Download Website Updated 17 Apr 2011 Diphy

Pop 13.71
Vit 33.11

Diphy is powerfull dependency injection container for PHP 5.3. Its main features are minimalistic configuration, autowiring, and implementor lookup.

No download No website Updated 15 Jul 2010 osashosa

Pop 14.87
Vit 1.00

osashosa is a Dependency Injection Framework styled after Guice. It is actually a drop in replacement for a large subset of Guice 2.0. Its main use is for library developers. Instead of asking users to include a 500k dependency, they can choose to use a 24k dependency instead.

No download No website Updated 14 Jan 2010 guppy

Pop 20.05
Vit 39.43

guppy implements a dependency injection framework for Python to help application developers implementing inversion of control.


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A lightweight SSL/TLS library supporting up to TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2.


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A browser-based bingo game.