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Download Website Updated 06 Nov 2005 Jockey

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Jockey is a user-space library for recording and replaying an execution of generic x86 GNU/Linux programs. It is a debugging aid, especially for long-running networked programs that exhibit non-deterministic behavior that's usually difficult to reproduce.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2007 DieHard

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DieHard automatically hardens software applications against a wide range of bugs. These bugs, known as memory errors, often end up as serious security vulnerabilities, cause crashes, or lead to unpredictable behavior. DieHard either eliminates these bugs altogether, or avoids them with high probability.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2005 Sticker API

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Sticker is a system call spy API which runs in user mode. It is a user-friendly, object-oriented wrapper around the ptrace API. Using Sticker, an end user can utilize the benefits of ptrace without knowing the details of the ptrace API. The objective is to produce an API (libSticker) that can help in speedy development of applications that work like debuggers, code injectors, and system call spies.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2006 libPaje

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libPaje is a library developed with the GNUstep library. It intends to provide a way to generate trace files for the Paje Visualization Tool. It can be used to create converters from other formats to the Paje format.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2006 DIMVisual

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Vit 1.00

DIMVisual (Data Integrated Model for Visualization) integrates information from different sources such as MPI traces and Ganglia metrics and allows it to be analysed in the Pajé visualization tool.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2009 Extended Python Debugger

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Extended Python Debugger is a more complete debugger for Python than the stock pdb.py debugger. It supports, among numerous other things, debugging threads, non-interactive POSIX-like line tracing, command options, disassembly of instructions, and stack traces that give better information for exec statements. Stepping/nexting by default skips over method/function "defs". It tries to follow gdb's command set unless there is good reason not to.

Download Website Updated 22 Feb 2007 DAEMon Raco Libraries

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Vit 1.51

DRLibs is a collection of useful functions, objects, and routines for C++.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2006 Frysk

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The goal of the Frysk project is to create an intelligent, distributed, always-on system monitoring and debugging tool that allows developers and system administrators to monitor running processes and threads (including creation and destruction events), monitor the use of locking primitives, expose deadlocks, gather data, and debug any given process by either choosing it from a list or by accepting Frysk's offer to open a source code or other window on a process that is in the process of crashing, or that has been misbehaving in certain user-definable ways.

No download Website Updated 07 Oct 2008 TDA

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Vit 3.61

TDA (Thread Dump Analyzer) is a small Swing GUI for analyzing thread dumps generated by the Sun Java VM. It has been tested with 1.4.2_x, 1.5.0_x, and 1.6.0_x releases. It provides statistics, gives information about locked monitors and waiting threads, can diff between threads to look for similarities, and has "long running thread" detection.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2006 PERL5WEBDB

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PERL5WEBDB is a CGI debugger that runs in a Web browser. The debugger is easy to install and run. Your existing CGIs will be automatically attached to the debugger when (and only when) the debugger window is open. If the debugger window is closed, the scripts will run normally.


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