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No download Website Updated 06 May 2004 FJtag

Pop 21.10
Vit 1.00

FJtag is jtag management tool for Linux. Its main features include BSDL import, PCB verification, CPU and CPU bus support, Flash device programming, a script engine, and more.

Download Website Updated 08 Aug 2006 RefDbg

Pop 21.70
Vit 1.97

RefDbg GObject reference count debugger. GObject is used as a base library for GTK+, Gnome, Gstreamer, and many other projects. Software bugs related to GObject reference counting can be very hard to find and can cause memory leaks or program crashes. RefDbg aims to make the task of fixing these bugs easier.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2004 ErrorLog

Pop 31.18
Vit 1.00

ErrorLog allows web developers quick and easy access to clearly formatted entries from the apache error_log file, viewable through a standard browser. It is designed with the developer in mind, with a focus on debugging CGI error logs. It by provides formatted HTML display of the log messages, merges multi-line entries while preserving whitespace formating, adds some highlighting for common elements (such as file paths, quoted strings, timestamps and digits) and transforms referrer strings into hyperlinks.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2014 BuGLe

Pop 150.20
Vit 36.88

BuGLe combines a graphical OpenGL debugger with a selection of filters on the OpenGL command stream. The debugger allows viewing of state, textures, framebuffers, and shaders, while the filters allow for logging, error checking, free camera control, video capture, and more.

No download Website Updated 28 Jul 2005 Linice

Pop 79.04
Vit 3.19

Linice is a source-level kernel debugger for x86 systems with the look and feel of SoftIce for MS Windows. It is designed for people who are already familiar with SoftIce, but anyone can quickly get used to it. It can break into a running kernel at any time using a hotkey and supports breakpoints and single step on modules, the kernel, or user programs. It supports the VGA frame buffer, the X Window System, serial connections, and monochrome adapters.

Download Website Updated 04 Oct 2012 remake

Pop 106.13
Vit 10.13

remake is a patched and modernized version of GNU make utility that adds improved error reporting, the ability to trace execution in a comprehensible way, and a debugger. The debugger lets you set breakpoints on targets, show and set variables in expanded or unexpanded form, inspect target descriptions, see the target call stack, and even execute arbitrary GNU make fragments (e.g. add a dependency to an existing target).

Download Website Updated 01 Sep 2004 Rsh-GUD

Pop 25.77
Vit 2.01

Remote GUD mode for Emacs is a unique Emacs Lisp rsh-gud.el that allows you to debug a program running on a remote host, with sources on the local host. It works via rsh.

No download Website Updated 21 Jul 2004 StDB

Pop 8.89
Vit 59.99

StDB is a debugger for the Joost Streaming Transformations for XML (STX) processor, which implements a one-pass transformation language for XML documents that builds on the Simple API for XML (SAX). STX is intended as a high-speed, low memory alternative to XSLT.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2004 OpenRabbit

Pop 17.92
Vit 1.00

OpenRabbit is a programmer (software uploader) and debugger for the microprocessor and microcontrollers sold by Rabbit Semiconductor. This software, in combination with WINE, makes it possible to fully develop using Linux (and possibly other platforms as well).

Download Website Updated 15 Sep 2010 J51

Pop 54.22
Vit 5.40

J51 is a Intel MCS51 emulator with all the standard integrated peripherals. A disassembler with an integrated debugger is also included. Standard peripherals emulated are Timer 0/1 (Mode 0, 1, 2, and interrupts), serial interface in polled and interrupt mode, standard I/O, and ports 0 to 4. Microprocessors emulated are the Intel MCS 8051 (no peripherals), Intel 8051, Intel 8052, Philips LPC674, and Philips LPc900.


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