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Download Website Updated 25 May 2006 HTML Include

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HTML Include solves the problem that the Hypertext Markup Language doesn't know a command for including other files into a source file. It uses specially styled comments to refer to other files, which will be inserted at this position. Unlike to the well known Server Side Include mechanism, this tool pre-processes the HTML files, resulting in files that have all referenced source files directly embedded. Thus it does not depend on any Web-server for correct appearance. As a bonus, HTML Include also writes the current date to the "last modification" line and brower meta, which you usually forget (or do not bother) to update.

No download Website Updated 13 Feb 2007 JSPP

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JSPP is an untyped, Java-like scripting language designed to be embedded in applications.

No download Website Updated 07 Sep 2012 Ultimate Stunts

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Ultimate Stunts is a remake of the DOS game "stunts", providing modern features like OpenGL graphics, 3D sound, and Internet-based multiplayer games. Players can design their own tracks, choose opponents and try some spectacular stunts.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2005 xhopper

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xhopper is a simple port forwarding tool that was designed to be simple and portable, especially to old machines. It includes some features for getting access to machines that are not directly accessible.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2005 UISP

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UISP is a tool for AVR (and AT89S) microcontrollers which can interface to many hardware in-system programmers. UISP allows you to program your microcontroller through the parallel (or serial) port of your computer. You can use any of the many wirings available.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2014 Hiawatha

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Hiawatha is a secure and advanced Web server for Unix. It has been written with security as its main goal. It features advanced access control, prevention of SQL injection and cross-site scripting, banning of clients who try such exploits, the ability to run CGIs under any UID/GID you want, and many other features. These features make Hiawatha an interesting Web server for those who need more security than what the other available Web servers are offering. Hiawatha is also fast and easy to configure.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2013 Common Data Format

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The National Space Science Data Center's (NSSDC) Common Data Format (CDF) is a self-describing data abstraction for the storage and manipulation of multidimensional data in a platform- and discipline-independent fashion. It consists of a scientific data management package (known as the "CDF Library") that allows programmers and application developers to manage and manipulate scalar, vector, and multi-dimensional data arrays.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2013 freesteam

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Freesteam is a library that allows you to calculate water and steam properties using the industry-standard IAPWS-IF97 steam tables. It is a library of C++ classes which can be integrated into your code. Plug-ins to allow freesteam to be integrated with spreadsheets and other applications are under development. The included unit tests assure compliance with published property values. IAPWS-95 (scientific use) correlations are also included and used as part of this validation.

No download Website Updated 28 Dec 2009 Winik

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Winik is a Cygwin/Unix distro, for Windows platforms, that is easy to install and use. It features support for various different window managers and more.

    Download No website Updated 10 Apr 2007 galleryadd.pl

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    galleryadd.pl is a script that recursively adds directories or images to a Gallery installation. Its features include a listing of the albums available in a Gallery, the creation of top-level albums with titles and descriptions, and support for the addition of images and directories to an existing album.


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    A slider puzzle.


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    XML Security Library

    Implementation of XML Signature and XML Encryption standards.