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No download No website Updated 29 Jan 2013 BoardJS

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Vit 21.22

BoardJS is a JavaScript library that simplifies the way of making interactive presentations, stories, and ads. The library works by writing commands such as adding text and images, moving objects, and showing tooltips; once the .go() function is called, commands will be executed one by one. The list of commands will be interpreted in the library as a timeline. It is optimized and fast, is cross-browser and cross-platform, changes the presentation without refreshing the page, applies commands to more than one object at a time, makes it easy to update presentations, uses only HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and allows multiple shows in the same page.

No download No website Updated 07 Nov 2013 Magnifier.js

Pop 29.02
Vit 13.03

Magnifier.js is a JavaScript library that provides a magnifying glass effect for images. It has zoom in / out functionality using the mouse wheel, support for user defined functions for thumbnail entering, moving and leaving, and image zooming events, and can display loading text while a large image is loading, and switch to the lens once it has loaded.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2013 Teia

Pop 20.05
Vit 18.66

Teia is a simple and functional CSS framework. It is simple, but can be added to large projects.


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An enterprise-grade network management platform.