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Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2011 CELT audio codec

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CELT (Constrained Energy Lapped Transform) is an ultra-low delay audio codec designed for realtime transmission of high quality speech and audio. This is meant to close the gap between traditional speech codecs (such as Speex) and traditional audio codecs (such as Vorbis).

No download Website Updated 21 Sep 2005 iCal4j

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iCal4j is a Java API incorporating an iCalendar parser, model, validator, and outputter.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2004 IMDispatch

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IMDispatch is a Perl script that closely emulates the paradigm of telephone support over the AOL Instant Messenger service. Using the Net::OSCAR module to connect to the popular service, the program signs on as a specified user, queues queries sent to the screen name, and uses forwarding to facilitate a conversation with one of any number of available, designated representatives. An administrator can instantly send commands to the program, over the AIM service, to add and delete screen names from the list of representatives and monitor the number available or engaged in a support conversation. End users no longer have to be tied to their phones, listening closely for their opportunity to ask a question, and small organizations no longer have to pay for an expensive multi-line, toll-free number.

Download Website Updated 27 Sep 2009 SILC

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SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) is a protocol which provides secure conferencing services in the Internet. It can be used to send any kind of messages, in addition to normal text messages. This includes multimedia messages like images, video, and audio stream. All messages in the SILC network are encrypted and authenticated, and messages can also be digitally signed. SILC protocol supports AES, SHA-1, PKCS#1, PKCS#3, X.509, OpenPGP, and is being developed in the IETF. The software is delivered as SILC Client for end users, SILC Server for system administrators, and SILC Toolkit for application developers.


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A portable archive file manager.


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Software for visual analysis of relational data.