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No download Website Updated 30 Nov 2006 xODMR

Pop 12.57
Vit 1.00

xODMR is an ATRN client that lets you use a mail backup service when your SMTP server doesn't support ODMR natively. It's an alternative to xatrn and fetchmail (but works with TLS too). It runs on any platform supported by Python. A Win32 binary is also available.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2008 xastir

Pop 74.16
Vit 5.12

XASTIR (X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting) is a software client which uses amateur radio's APRS protocol. XASTIR provides messaging and realtime tracking of stations using map plotting via radio and Internet data streams.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2007 xbmcmail-imap

Pop 17.44
Vit 1.54

xbmcmail-imap is an IMAP/IMAPS email reader for the XBox using the XBox Media Center's builtin Python engine. It supports attachments, folders, mail management (copy, move, delete), printing (text or postscript), multiple accounts, background polling, RTF and HTML converters, and more.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2007 xbmsd

Pop 10.39
Vit 1.79

xbmsd is a file sharing daemon that uses the Xbox Media Streaming Protocol (XBMSP) supported by the Xbox Media Center. It also supports the XBMSP Server Discovery Protocol (XBSDP). Its main features are mapping files to arbitrary local files or HTTP files/streams, support for filetype-specific, "synthetic" mplayer configuration files, and support for filtering files with arbitrary programs, which can, for example, re-encode media files on the fly.

Download No website Updated 22 Mar 2005 xcall

Pop 27.93
Vit 1.68

Xcall is a GTK packet radio program which supports the AX.25, NET/ROM, and Rose protocols.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2006 xchat-gnome

Pop 37.63
Vit 3.70

xchat-gnome is a GNOME frontend for the popular X-Chat IRC client that was designed with an emphasis on HIG compliance and desktop integration.

Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2009 xchat-songbird

Pop 12.33
Vit 40.78

xchat-songbird is a small script written in Perl to announce the current song playing on Songbird in xchat for Linux and Windows.

No download Website Updated 29 Apr 2003 xchg2mail

Pop 28.14
Vit 1.42

xchg2mail is a Perl script that scrapes Web mail off a Microsoft Exchange server for delivery via a local MDA. It can retrieve plain text and HTML mails along with any attachments. It also has support for PGP signed/encrypted mails.

Download No website Updated 20 Mar 2005 xconvers

Pop 23.11
Vit 4.27

Xconvers is a client for the amateur radio convers system (port 3600), which resembles IRC. The convers system is optimized for producing less traffic, because some of its servers are connected through the radio waves, where bandwidth is scarce.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2004 xcw

Pop 46.15
Vit 2.06

xcw is a small utility that makes it possible to input text into any X11 program with a Morse key. It reads Morse from a straight or iambic key connected to a serial port, decodes it, then sends the decoded text to the X window currently in focus. The Morse code sound is played through the sound card.


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A utility to edit text tags in an ICC profile.


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A PDF pager.