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No download Website Updated 13 Nov 2003 2RC

Pop 13.27
Vit 61.71

2RC is a highly customizable Java framework/library that you can use to develop your own IRC clients. You can use it to build bots, standalone graphical IRC clients, and Java Web chats.

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2009 Acidblood

Pop 36.85
Vit 3.05

Acidblood is an open source IRC robot written for Unix. Its features include channel and user management.

No download Website Updated 20 Feb 2005 Akill On Entry (Anope Module)

Pop 9.54
Vit 1.00

This project is a module for Anope IRC Services that allows operators to create AOE (Akill On Entry) channels. These channels are emptied of users, and any subsequent joins receive an Akill (or one of a number of other configurable actions). The purpose of this module is to allow operators to have control over channels being used by spambot nets.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2002 Amethyst

Pop 40.89
Vit 1.02

Amethyst started as a port of Infobot to POE, continuing as a generic bot core with the ability to handle multiple connections using different protocols (not necessarily IRC) and soft route the incoming messages through a number of processing centres. One of these processing centres contains much of the original Infobot core.

Download Website Updated 25 Aug 2001 Atheism

Pop 15.56
Vit 1.74

Atheism is an extremely flexible, configurable and user-friendly multi purpose Perl script for X-Chat. Its main features include auto-away functions with message logging, announcement of songs playing in XMMS on selected channels, a user-friendly interface, detailed documentation, and much more.

Download No website Updated 26 Dec 2006 Atheme IRC Services

Pop 18.25
Vit 1.55

Atheme IRC Services is a portable, secure set of IRC services that are designed to run on many IRCds. Unlike alternative packages, its core is minimalistic, providing only required functionality. Extra modules that provide functionality you want as a network administrator can be acquired through a module repository. It provides a fairly complete services set, excluding features designed for oper abuse. It also adds a twist on many of the classic features of Services, such as NOOP.

No download Website Updated 20 Oct 2007 Automated File Retrieval

Pop 21.35
Vit 2.17

Automated File Retrieval (AFR) is a plugin for X-Chat. It is a queue-based file retrieval utility that can download files from many different types of file servers on IRC.

Download No website Updated 01 May 2001 Awesome Christians User Page

Pop 27.86
Vit 2.02

The Awesome Christians User Page is set of PHP scripts that allow you to access IRC services such as nickserv, memoserv, chanserv, and statserv through a Web interface. It is used by the Awesome Christians IRC network.

No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2010 BSW IRC Proxy

Pop 14.14
Vit 2.70

BSW IRC Proxy translates the chat aspect of the proprietary binary protocol used in the Java client for the online gaming portal to the standardized features of IRC (RFC 1459, 2810, 2811, particularly 2812, and 2813). It keeps a persistent connection to the client, server, and IRC client, in case one of them should vanish.

Download Website Updated 27 Nov 2001 Bahamut

Pop 111.07
Vit 3.56

The Bahamut IRCD is based on the EFNet Hybrid IRCD and has many additional features primarily designed for the DALnet IRC network. Its features include very high performance, compatibility with Solaris, BSD and Linux and a high level of stability under very high load, as well as many improvements over the original EFNet code. Bahamut is not compatible with Dreamforge as of version 1.2.0.


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A 3D Rubik's cube game.


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A probabilistic Java toolkit for building search engines.