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No download Website Updated 05 Jan 2012 Z1 SecureMail Messenger

Pop 75.34
Vit 4.29

Z1 SecureMail Messenger is a server-based software solution for confidential email exchange. It enables secure communication to everyone at every place. It acts as an SMTP proxy and is completely transparent for the sender. It either delivers the message as an encrypted PDF document or stores the message on the server and provides comfortable access via Web frontend. The recpient can read the secured message with familiar software (Web browser, PDF reader). No PKI technology or certificates are required. Evaluation packages for Debian and Solaris are available for download.

Download No website Updated 29 Jul 2010 modelbook

Pop 22.45
Vit 36.88

Modelbook is a social networking platform that features most mainstream social networking features: Paypal subscriptions, friends request/approval, shout-outs, wall castings/events, a forum, profile approval/private profiles, image galleries, MP3 upload, Zip code radius search, Facebook-style chat, and more.

Download No website Updated 09 Dec 2013 Partial Layaway Payments Magento Extension

Pop 36.33
Vit 18.78

Partial Layaway Payments Magento Extension helps merchants to sell products on partial payments to low-budget customers. The admin can customize the amount of the downpayment, the installment amount, and the timespan for payments.

No download No website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Magento Partial Payment

Pop 35.64
Vit 17.88

Magento Partial Payment is a module that adds support to Magento for partial payments, payment installments, and layaway solutions. Customers can pay a set proportion of the price of a product, and the remaining amount can be paid after configurable time period, so customers have the option to purchase multiple products simultaneously with a lower budget.

No download No website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Magento More Views

Pop 20.25
Vit 16.82

Magento More Views is a Magento extension that displays different images of a product. Images are initially displayed in a navigation menu which can be selected to view in an enlarged fashion.

Download No website Updated 19 Dec 2013 Magento Length & Width-Based Price Calculator

Pop 41.04
Vit 15.35

Magento Length & Width-Based Price Calculator calculates the price of an item on a Magento site based on lengths and widths provided by the customers, and allows them to check out with the calculated price. The admin will have to import a CSV file containing the price in centimeter, meter, or any other available unit.

No download No website Updated 19 Dec 2013 Percentage Pricing

Pop 36.66
Vit 15.33

Percentage Pricing is a Magento extension that allows store owners to configure their product prices as a cost plus markup. This makes it easy to update product prices in bulk by applying a new percentage. The prices can vary for different groups of customers. Markup can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the cost.

Download No website Updated 11 Nov 2013 Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension

Pop 38.00
Vit 15.16

Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension allows Magento site owners to calculate and display products prices based on meter, centimeter, or unit. Customers can get the price of a product based on dimensions they input such as length, width, square feet, volume, etc. Merchants set the units of input and output for each product. It is ideal for products like blinds, canvas, carpets, flooring etc. as it can not only calculate the actual size or area of the product for the customer’s requirements, but also give the exact price for it at checkout.

No download No website Updated 19 Dec 2013 Magento Customer Specific Pricing

Pop 37.36
Vit 15.16

Magento Customer Specific Pricing allows customers to bargain on prices and buy products at the best suitable price. The merchant can define the limit of the bargaining amount, and it allows them to sell products at a discount to customers with low budgets. It is ideal for online charity Web sites where products are normally higher priced but can be reduced for certain people.

Download No website Updated 09 Dec 2013 Magento PayPal Adaptive And Split Payments

Pop 40.20
Vit 14.86

Magento PayPal Adaptive And Split Payments is an extension which lets Magento-based online store owners transfer payments to a supplier, partners, or any other person at the time of sale. The payment of the customer will be split as per the defined rules and transferred to the stated account at the time of receiving payment from customers.


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