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No download Website Updated 12 Oct 2009 bdd

Pop 14.83
Vit 41.03

bdd is a tool to manipulate, merge, decode and encode bit streams that are not 8-bit byte aligned. It is like dd, but for working at the bit level. bdd is extremely flexible, but it is not very fast.

Download Website Updated 16 Aug 2011 xmlpatch

Pop 39.43
Vit 1.52

Xmlpatch is a simple utility to change XML files. It takes a patch file containing a list of changes and applies them to the files specified in the patch file or on the command line. Its command line interface is similar to the well known patch utility.

Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2014 Pretty Curved Privacy

Pop 281.53
Vit 2.56

Pretty Curved Privacy (pcp1) is a commandline utility which can be used to encrypt files. It uses eliptc curve cryptography for encryption (CURVE25519 by Dan J. Bernstein).


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A modular live environment.


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C-ICAP Classify

An AI content filter.