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Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2006 CMU Common Lisp

Pop 200.22
Vit 3.29

CMUCL is a free, high performance implementation of the Common Lisp programming language which runs on most major Unix platforms. It mainly conforms to the ANSI Common Lisp standard. CMUCL provides a sophisticated native code compiler; a powerful foreign function interface; an implementation of CLOS; the Common Lisp Object System; which includes multimethods and a metaobject protocol; a source-level debugger and code profiler; and an Emacs-like editor implemented in Common Lisp. CMUCL is maintained by a team of volunteers collaborating over the Internet, and is mostly in the public domain.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2004 Java Development Environment for Emacs

Pop 143.84
Vit 2.52

Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE) is an Emacs-based integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Java applications and applets. Features include multiple code browsers, a JPDA-based debugger, method and field completion, template-based and procedure-based code generation, Java source code interpreter, context-sensitive help, and more.

Download No website Updated 26 Jun 2001 EASEA

Pop 45.96
Vit 1.42

EAsea Specification of Evolutionary Algorithms (EASEA), is a high-level language dedicated to the specification of evolutionary algorithms. The language and compiler are quite mature. EASEA compiles .ez specification files into C++ or Java object files, using existing evolutionary libraries. Supported C++ libraries currently are GALib or EO.

Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2012 SQL Query Generator

Pop 127.59
Vit 8.41

SQL Query Generator is a command-line program that will help you make INSERT INTO, DELETE, and UPDATE SQL queries. The queries created with this program can be stored as plain text in a file, printed to the screen, or both.

Download Website Updated 11 Jun 2003 Classfile Reader & Writer

Pop 23.49
Vit 1.00

Classfile Reader & Writer is a Java package that makes it easy to read and write Java class files. It does not provide any help with displaying the contents of a class file (besides debug output) or disassembe the byte codes, but can read "obfuscated" class files such as those generated by Crema.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2012 Felix Programming Language

Pop 47.06
Vit 4.29

Felix is a programming language with a fully featured purely functional subsystem embedded in a a traditional Algol-like imperative programming system. The system features garbage collection, static typing, parametric polymorphism, overloading, regular expression matching, and a lot more. A scripting harness is used to invoke source files, but fully compiled binary shared libraries are generated, yielding both rapid prototyping and high performance. Seamless binding of C/C++ code makes interfacing existing libraries easy. Control inversion provides language-level cooperative multi-tasking.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2014 cproto

Pop 166.46
Vit 16.73

cproto generates function prototypes for functions defined in the specified C source files to the standard output. The function definitions may be in K&R or ANSI C style, or in the lint library form. cproto can also convert function definitions in the specified files from the K&R style to the ANSI C style.

Download Website Updated 04 Oct 2006 Java2PHP

Pop 24.12
Vit 52.46

Java2PHP converts Java classes to PHP. It can convert class variables, create getter and setter functions, convert trivial default constructors with type validation, create function placeholders for everything else, and create a file hierarchy to match Java package names.

Download Website Updated 26 Dec 2008 mutest

Pop 20.59
Vit 1.00

mutest is a micro unit testing framework for C (with some C++ support). It is easy to use and has no dependencies. The idea is simple: a source file is a test suite, and a function is a test case (special functions can be used for test suite initialization and termination) that can can have several checks. Checks comes in 2 flavors: one that only prints an error, and one that terminates the current test case too. A (normally) automated test program run all the test suites and prints some stats. It fails (returns non-zero) if any test suite fails.

Download Website Updated 01 Apr 2009 Zend Installer

Pop 49.90
Vit 42.92

Zend Framework Installer is a PHP class that can be used to setup files for an application based on the Zend framework. It creates a common directory structure as recommended in the Zend Framework's manual. The class can also generate a bootstrap file and the index controller with its view.


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