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Download Website Updated 05 Aug 2009 Compose*

Pop 24.56
Vit 2.35

Compose* is a project that aims at enhancing the modularization capabilities of component- and object-based programming. In particular, Compose* offers aspect-oriented programming through the Composition Filters model.

Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2014 pyPEG

Pop 194.81
Vit 26.73

pyPEG is a quick and easy solution for creating a parser in Python programs. pyPEG uses a PEG language in Python data structures to parse, so it can be used dynamically to parse nearly every context free language. The output is a plain Python data structure called pyAST, or, as an alternative, XML.

Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2013 YML

Pop 152.12
Vit 19.35

YML (Why a Markup Language?!) is an easy language to compile into XML. YSLT is an easy language for code generation, automating your software development tasks.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2009 Gimp User Filter Plug-in

Pop 57.45
Vit 2.01

Gimp User Filter is a work-alike to Adobe's Filter Factory. It is a generic image processing plug-in that can be used to create new filters for The GIMP without having to go through the process of learning about The GIMP's SDK. Many freely available filters that have been created for Filter Factory can also be used with this plug-in.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2011 Gnome Inform

Pop 22.38
Vit 2.80

GNOME Inform 7 is a GNOME port of the Inform 7 IDE for creating interactive fiction or text adventures.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2009 Aluminium Language

Pop 57.46
Vit 2.51

Aluminium was started as an effort to find a different way of creating Web applications. It turned out as a visual data-flow based programming language.

No download Website Updated 05 Apr 2008 ngrease

Pop 20.25
Vit 2.15

ngrease is a simple metalanguage for defining new concepts easily on any level. It can define analysis, requirements, design and implementation (in any programming language), and transformations to produce lower level concepts (working software) from higher level concepts.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2007 Gnymph

Pop 32.40
Vit 1.00

Gnymph is a visual, object-oriented, general purpose data flow programming language. Users can edit a set of diagrams to describe their program, step through the diagrams to trace program execution and remove any bugs, then compile those diagrams to C source.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2007 Virgil

Pop 19.60
Vit 1.77

The Virgil Programming Language is designed for building robust, flexible, and scalable software systems on embedded hardware platforms such as microcontrollers. Virgil builds on ideas from object-oriented, statically typed languages like Java, providing a clean, consistent source language. Its compiler system provides an efficient implementation for resource-constrained environments.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2007 JetPAG

Pop 19.70
Vit 2.02

JetPAG is a flexible yet powerful full-LL(k) parser and lexical analyzer generator focused on high performance, efficiency, usability, and readability of generated code. It generates powerful optimized recursive descent recognizers, and supplies a small library that can be used to do minimal parsing needs. Generated code is nicely structured and distributed over several files for easier management and integration into larger projects. JetPAG offers a powerful control over the generated source code, preventing post-generation modifications.


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Beastlands - Song of the Were

An RPG action adventure game.


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Roxen WebServer

A platform-independent Webserver featuring strong encryption and SSL3.