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Download Website Updated 29 May 2009 Apache LDAP vhost driver

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Vit 1.66

Apache LDAP vhost driver lets you put vhost with all possible information in an LDAP database for both Apache 1.x and 2.x.

No download Website Updated 04 Nov 2007 NodeMon

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Vit 2.29

NodeMon is a resource utilization monitor tailored to the Altix architecture, but is applicable to any Linux system or cluster. It allows distributed resource monitoring via the Growler software infrastructure. It is modular, with existing modules for monitoring of CPU, memory, network, and numalink activity. Its most notable feature is its composition of large amounts of statistics into a single graphical window. It was originally designed for monitoring NASA's Columbia supercomputer.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2007 Jagger

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Vit 1.00

Jagger is a Java application monitoring tool that uses JMX technology to aggregate, archive, and visualize monitoring data for larger computer clusters, giving developers and administrators both a succinct and comprehensive view into their systems. Normal JMX consoles cannot do this due to information overflow.

Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2007 PeaceMaker

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PeaceMaker is a failover/clustering engine system based on a message passing protocol system over TCP/IP between two or more nodes. It can monitor node faults based on interface polling status, health sanity node status, and messages passed through an external plugin attached to a plugin module. Node faults or state change events can be handled through external programs or TCP/IP notification.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2007 Myosotis

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Vit 1.43

Myosotis allows MySQL and PostgreSQL clients to connect directly to the Sequoia cluster or any other database with a JDBC connector. From the client application's point of view, Myosotis acts as a MySQL or a PostgreSQL server. It's like a proxy, and it sits between the client and the database server.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2007 Parallel MPI BZIP2

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Vit 1.00

MPIBZIP2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file compressor that uses MPI and achieves significant speedup on cluster machines. The output of this version is fully compatible with bzip2 1.0.2 or newer (i.e. anything compressed with MPIBZIP2 can be decompressed with bzip2).

Download Website Updated 29 Oct 2011 DynaStop

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Vit 30.28

DynaStop is a utility to examine IPv4 based addresses for Exim and procmail for the purpose of filtering based upon patterns defined by the administrator. This can be a pivotal factor in email filtering and server load management, since dynamic IP addresses are typically used for dial-up, DHCP, and DSL accounts. All of which have a designated mail exchange server through which all outbound mail flows as defined with many, if not most, large Internet service providers.

No download Website Updated 01 Aug 2007 Gridder

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Vit 1.00

Gridder is a suite of portlets designed to enable users to submit jobs in a grid environment. It comes with a full manual and includes documentation produced during development, which addresses topics related to grid and cluster setup and configuration. It seamlessly integrates with OGCE, as it was the focus during the whole development process. The portlets are designed to simplify job submission tasks with end-user friendliness in mind, and a well-defined separation of concerns from the user point of view (tasks and jobs) and from the technical point of view (the architecture and design).

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2008 Chiron FS

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Chiron FS is a FUSE based filesystem that implements replication at the filesystem level like RAID 1 does at the device level. The replicated filesystem may be of any kind you want; the only requisite is that you mount it. There is no need for special configuration files; the setup is as simple as one mount command (or one line in fstab).

Download No website Updated 23 Aug 2007 MultiLoad

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MultiLoad is a load balancer that redirects HTTP requests to pre-defined servers/locations. It gives the provider a way to balance the traffic and hides the real download location. It allows you to manage different version of each download. It is also a load balancing server extension. You can distribute files on some servers so that a downloaded file can be loaded form different servers. These servers can have different priorities to control the active traffic.


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