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Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 fsync

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Fsync is a Perl script which allows for file synchronization between remote hosts, containing functionality similar to that of the rsync and CVS packages. Since fsync is a single Perl script, setting up file synchronization on a new machine is relatively simple. Communication between the hosts is via a socket mechanism, with the remote server started by rsh, by ssh or manually. The program was written with slow modem connections in mind. Fsync supports the concept of merging differences from local/remote hosts with hooks for tools to merge the trees. Fsync requires perl 5.004 or newer. This program is licensed under the GNU Public License.

No download Website Updated 13 May 2003 ftpcluster

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ftpcluster integrates a number of individual FTP servers into a single large server. You can think of it as a network disk array with FTP as the access protocol.

No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2008 g-Eclipse

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g-Eclipse is a framework that allows users and developers to access computing grids and cloud computing resources in a unified way. The framework itself is independent from any particular grid middleware or cloud computing provider. The g-Eclipse project maintains a set of connectors to grid middlewares, such as gLite and GRIA, and provides an adapter to Amazon's EC2 and S3 Web services.

Download Website Updated 21 Jul 2009 gLite

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The gLite distribution is an integrated set of components designed to enable resource sharing. In other words, this is middleware for building a grid. The gLite middleware is produced by the EGEE project. The distribution model is to construct different services ("node-types") from these components and then ensure easy installation and configuration on the chosen platforms.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2010 genders

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Genders is a static cluster configuration database used for cluster configuration management. It is used by a variety of tools and scripts for management of large clusters. The genders database is accessed by every node in a cluster, either through a networked file system or by replicating the database on every node of the cluster. The database describes the layout and configuration of the cluster so that tools and scripts can sense the variations of cluster nodes. By abstracting this information into a plain text file, it becomes possible to change the configuration of a cluster by modifying only one file.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2006 ghosts

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ghosts (global hosts) provides a simple macro language and grouping system for large numbers of machines. Included is "gsh", a parallel-tasking shell-runner, which allows you to run automated tasks across the entire enterprise using ssh.

Download Website Updated 03 Feb 2010 glideinWMS

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The purpose of the glideinWMS is to provide a simple way to access the Grid resources. To achieve this without reinventing the wheel, glideinWMS is a Glidein-based WMS (Workload Management System) that works on top of Condor. Once setup, final users can submit regular Condor jobs to the local queue and the glidein factory will provide the computing resources behind the scenes. From the final user point of view, the Condor pool just magically grows and shrinks as needed.

Download Website Updated 14 Jun 2011 gmandel

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Gmandel is a program for exploring intricate and beautiful details of the Mandelbrot set, the classic fractal image. It displays images and allows you to select portions, and click-and- drag for enhancement. You can set the number of colors per iteration, and the iteration limit. It is multi-threaded and runs especially well on SMP machines, and can use the combined processing power in a computer cluster.

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2001 gvacm

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gvacm is a VACM plugin for GKrellM that allows the user to show the status of machines for a particular nexxus, using a simple metric showing the number of running machines, versus the total number of machines (i.e. "5/7").

Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2002 helpme

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Clusters and server farms often have many nodes and very little hardware support for locating and diagnosing problems, especially if the problem involves the network interface. Helpme is a small stand-alone program that allows a node to use the standard PC speaker, both to signal that a problem has been detected and to render arbitrary alphanumeric text using either Morse code or the NATO phonetic alphabet. The input syntax allows repeating messages and more.


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