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Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2008 BZFlag

Pop 414.01
Vit 6.05

BZFlag is a 3D, multiplayer, tank battle zone, capture the flag game that pits players against each other in a networked environment. It runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, MacOS 10.x, Irix, Solaris, and others. An OpenGL accelerator is highly recommended, but it is playable with 3D in software.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GtKali

Pop 13.08
Vit 4.48

gtkali is a Kali client for Linux. It uses both the kalinix library (ala Jay Cotton) and the GTK+ library. Kali is a gaming network that requires a one-time fee for a lifetime membership with unlimited gameplay and chat.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2007 Martyr

Pop 42.61
Vit 6.01

Martyr is a Java framework around the IRC protocol to allow application writers easy manipulation of the protocol and client state. Martyr can be used to write bots, end-user clients, or add IRC functionality to an existing Java application.

Download Website Updated 24 Mar 2014 SeaMonkey

Pop 2,358.70
Vit 129.85

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop an all-in-one Internet application suite. It contains an Internet browser, email and newsgroup client with an included Web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat, and Web development tools, and is sure to appeal to advanced users, Web developers, and corporate users. It uses much of the Mozilla source code powering such successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird, and Miro.

Download Website Updated 22 Jul 2003 NFC Chat

Pop 26.46
Vit 3.62

NFC is a chat server and client implemented in Java. Notable features include HTTP-tunneling support and applet compatability across nearly all Java-enabled Web browsers.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2003 perlbot

Pop 22.41
Vit 4.74

Perlbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It depends on Net::IRC and its goals are simplicity and modularity. The base bot allows auto-opping, notes, multiple channels, etc., but much much more is possible through the use of plugins. Many plugins are included, and it should be easy for anyone with some knowledge of Perl to write her own.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 SplitFire

Pop 16.61
Vit 3.47

SplitFire is a very complete IRC script for EPIC4. It features tab-completion of Nicknames, Channels and Notify list. Configuration and Auto-OP lists are menu-based. SplitFire also contains configurable statusbar colors and several color schemes. Script is also a DICT dictionary client and can access altavista's babelfish.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2002 jAugment

Pop 53.67
Vit 2.74

jAugment is a JINI-based, network-aware framework and set of initial applications for wearable computers and other computers with uncommon input/output-devices. It supports user interfaces from text-only to 3D.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2001 jcq2k

Pop 21.91
Vit 1.00

jcq2k is a Java-based ICQ reusable plugin library utilizing the TCP-based ICQ2000 OSCAR protocol. It features logging in and out of the ICQ server, sending/receiving text, contacts, and status messages, and receiving URL messages.

Download No website Updated 04 May 2002 JabXPCOM

Pop 11.96
Vit 1.78

JabXPCOM is an XPCOM component which provides access to Jabber from any programming language with XPCOM bindings (such as C++, JavaScript, Python, or Ruby).


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A tool that analyzes RCS files and emits an equivalent history in the form of a fast-import stream.


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A data munging language.