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No download No website Updated 24 Sep 2001 jOpenRPG

Pop 14.63
Vit 67.76

jOpenRPG is a pure Java implementation of the OpenRPG client. It currently supports Chat, Gametree, basic Python scripting via jython, and more. It is distributed as an executable jar (support libraries required), or via Java Web Start, and compatible programs.

No download Website Updated 10 Oct 2001 RealChat Software

Pop 29.50
Vit 67.64

RealChat is an affordable chat software solution for your Web site. Its features include colored text, pictures, sounds, emotions, multiple rooms, private messages, user-created rooms, hidden rooms, administrative manager, console and file logging, and more. The package includes client and server software. An online demo available, and an evaluation version is available for free download.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2001 jtcFrost

Pop 40.62
Vit 67.41

Frost is a Freenet client written in Java that provides Napster/Gnutella-style keyword searching over Freenet. It also implements a message-board system, which allows Usenet-style communication over Freenet.

No download Website Updated 28 Aug 2002 AI Talk

Pop 21.82
Vit 65.22

AI Talk is a MIDlet (a Java program for wireless devices) that allows a user to talk with an intelligent robot, called Anna. It takes input from the user and sends it to an Anna Web server. Anna will reply to the user, and the conversation will continue as long as the user does not exit the application.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2003 IRClib

Pop 14.49
Vit 62.34

IRClib is an IRC client library for Java. It's designed to be easy to use and understand by the programmer. It is well documented, fast, and supports SSL connections. It runs on Java 1.3+JSSE (for the SSL stuff) and Java 1.4.

Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2009 Txf_Chat

Pop 9.54
Vit 61.93

Txf_Chat is a Java chat program.

Download No website Updated 10 Feb 2014 Stendhal

Pop 488.91
Vit 61.66

Stendhal is a multiplayer online adventure game (MMORPG) developed using the Arianne game development system. It features a rich and expanding world in which you can explore towns, buildings, plains, caves, and dungeons. You will meet NPCs and acquire tasks and quests for valuable experience and cold hard cash. Your character will develop and grow, and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire, you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons. You can also roam the world in search of evil monsters (and kill them).

No download Website Updated 19 Feb 2004 Java Gadu Gadu

Pop 15.43
Vit 60.94

Java Gadu Gadu (jGG) is a client for the Polish instant messenger network, Gadu Gadu.

No download Website Updated 05 Apr 2004 JBouncer IRC Proxy

Pop 16.31
Vit 60.56

JBouncer is an implementation of a simple IRC proxy (sometimes known as an IRC bouncer). It supports multiple user accounts, multiple sessions per user and multiple client connections per session.

No download Website Updated 05 Apr 2004 Comic Bot

Pop 15.87
Vit 60.56

Comic Bot is an IRC bot based on the PircBot framework. It sits quietly in a channel, observing what people say. When it sees something that may have been amusing, it quickly generates a cartoon comic strip which can be viewed on the Web.


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A simple Python wrapper for OCR engines (Tesseract, Cuneiform, etc.).


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Fresh IDE

A flat assembler RAD IDE.