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Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2001 Simple & Kludge Vote System

Pop 13.19
Vit 1.00

skvotes is a simple vote system for a CGI environment with HTTP authentication. The number of vote entries, given points, and the vote title can be configured easily in the vote database creation script. Login with HTTP authentication is required to allow each user to vote exactly once (users can still change their votes).

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2001 Ferite Apache Web Server Module

Pop 14.14
Vit 1.00

The Ferite Apache Web Server Module provides the same function that mod_perl provides for Perl and Apache. It allows for very easy Web-based programming and provides facilities for cookies, form variables, and various other goodies.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2001 DB_Browser

Pop 27.09
Vit 3.32

DB_Browser is a CGI tool for developers working with any relational database supported by Perl::DBI. It easily facilitates searching, editing, and adding to tables within a database. While it can be used as a regular interface to database data itself, it works well as a supplemental tool for developers creating their own primary interface.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 CGIWrap

Pop 27.50
Vit 1.93

CGIWrap is a setuid wrapper that allows users to install and execute their own cgi scripts that get executed as their own userid. Much of the idea of suexec came from CGIWrap, however, cgiwrap stands on its own, and works with all web servers. CGIWrap must be installed by a system administrator, but after that, users can do their own web scripting.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 Web Photo Album

Pop 28.21
Vit 1.53

Web Photo Album automatically generates photo albums on the fly from directories containing your favorite photos. Supports captions (including HTML tags), definable page sizes, forward and reverse preview, and index pages. All preview and index pages can be clicked to jump straight to the page that contains them. Album maintenance is easy -- just add or remove photos and (optionally) captions to your album directory.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 FreeFrameWork

Pop 21.35
Vit 1.48

FreeFrameWork adds robustness features and development environment enhancements to the WebSpeed web application server product from Progress Software. Among its features are proactive database connection checking and reconnection, enhanced logging and security, and compile-on-the-fly HTML. Also included are enhancements to the workshop, with better filetools and a database schema viewer.

Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2001 v3

Pop 11.75
Vit 68.42

v3 allows any user that has restricted net access to browse freely without restriction or censorship. It is a CGI script written in Perl. You can use the copy that is running on the author's Web server, or you can download and install v3 onto your own Web server.

Download Website Updated 01 Aug 2001 Perl Site Tools

Pop 10.54
Vit 2.47

The site tools package has classes to support a standard look and feel through templates that support somewhat advanced functionality like object method binding, custom escape/formatting functions, and basic looping and conditionals. It also supports SQL forms with foreign key handling with drop boxes or lists, and multiple field types like checkboxes, text boxes, and text areas. Add/delete/edit functionality is handled by the Form class. Tables can be created in the same way, and support auto-sorting by using hyperlinked headers, and next/prev handling. Both forms and tables can be bound to templates to adjust the look and feel or layout, without losing any functionality.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2001 PHPLIB

Pop 86.23
Vit 3.12

PHPLIB is a base library for the PHP language. It contains class definitions that help in session tracking, manage persistent variables (just like ASP session-variables, only more flexible), can do authentication and permission checking and support shopping cart applications. Additional classes generate HTML code from database queries and similar features.

Download Website Updated 20 Jul 2001 Igloo Weblog

Pop 25.34
Vit 2.08

Igloo is a new PHP-based weblog, used by such sites as http://mrpenguin.org and http://classof97.org. The scripts are simple and are easy to customize or modify. It makes heavy use of MySQL, though plans are brewing to port it to other databases.


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A pure Java visual development environment.


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A restful HTTP to SMTP gateway for Apache httpd.