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Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2001 Navigation.PL

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Navigation.pl is a Perl CGI script for generating navigation trees on your Web page. The tree content is loaded from a file on the Web server. Default file can be specified, but you can also pass a parameter to the script and specify a different config file. Thus, one instance of this script on your Web server can be used to show different trees.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2002 ThumbNails

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ThumbNails is an automated system for creating and maintaining web sites containing large numbers of digital photographs or other images. It will go through a group of directories filled with pictures, make thumbnail images of each picture, make HTML pages for each directory showing clickable thumbnails for each picture, and make an overall index.html document for the HTML pages it creates. It can use a MySQL database to hold picture titles, captions, and other information. The database information can be edited over the web, and can be displayed along with the pictures. It includes a daemon which periodically checks the pictures directories and database (if used), updating the web site automatically as needed.

No download Website Updated 28 Feb 2005 Camero

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Camero is a three-tier system for creating and running Webcam portals. It consists of a daemon, an admin tool, and a portal CGI. Based around a MySQL backend, the daemon polls camera URLs, downloading and archiving images, updating the statuses of servers, etc. The admin tool is Web-based and allows you to change most settings and add/remove/edit/disable cams and archived images. The portal uses a Python Server Page processor called PySP. Most of the HTML of the portal is templated and configurable through custom tags.

Download Website Updated 14 Jan 2006 Cheetah

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Cheetah is a Python-powered template engine and code generator. It can be used as a standalone utility or it can be combined with other tools. Web developers are its principle user group, but it has many potential uses and is also being used to generate C++ game code, Java, SQL, form emails, and even Python code.

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2010 Flate library

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FLATE is a library used to handle HTML template files outside C code as well as basic CGI input/output such as retrieving variables from HTML forms or cookies. Template files can be manipulated from the C code with various functions to change variables and display or hide part of the HTML code. The best way to sum it up would be that printf("<html>hello</html>"); is now history.

Download Website Updated 22 May 2014 Big Faceless PDF Library

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The Big Faceless PDF Library is a Java class library for creating PDF documents. The Extended Edition offers the ability to create and edit AcroForms, PDF's answer to the HTML form. Like HTML forms, PDF forms can contain text boxes, radio buttons, and can call JavaScript functions. The Extended Edition also includes a PDF reader for importing and editing, along with FDF support, verification for digital signatures and text extraction. Both variations offer full Unicode support, encryption, embedded TrueType and Type1 fonts, barcodes, hyperlinks, and spot and calibrated color.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2005 phpWebFileManager

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phpWebFileManager is file management tool, written in PHP. It is designed for inclusion in large projects, and it can also act as a PostNuke module. Its main features are multi-language support, secure directory browsing, directory creation and removal, file creation, uploading, renaming, deleting, and viewing. There is also a powerful configuration file that allows you to allow/deny appropriate file management actions.

Download No website Updated 26 Aug 2003 Barracuda Presentation Framework

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Barracuda is an open-source Presentation Framework designed to make it easier to build servlet-based Web apps by applying proven client-server patterns to the Web development paradigm. It features a DOM-based templating mechanism for better separation of code from content, a UI component model that provides a series of server-side widgets (table, list, template, etc.) that make it easy to manipulate DOM structures, strongly typed MVC interfaces just like in Swing, support for multiple markup languages, an event model that provides Model 2 style flow control and allows for true event-driven programming on the server, powerful localization services, and much more.

Download Website Updated 03 Aug 2001 v3

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v3 allows any user that has restricted net access to browse freely without restriction or censorship. It is a CGI script written in Perl. You can use the copy that is running on the author's Web server, or you can download and install v3 onto your own Web server.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2005 IP Traffic Volume Logger

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IP Traffic Volume uses Linux kernel iptables to log incoming and outgoing bytes though your network device(s) and can dump summarized log statistics in ASCII to the console or display in HTML via the included CGI interface for displaying on a Web server. It is highly configurable as to what kind of traffic is counted, e.g. to and from specific ports and/or specific IP addresses or groups of ports and addresses. It uses a mininum of resources and doesn't need a database for the logged data.


Project Spotlight


A Java framework for building data integration and ETL applications.


Project Spotlight


A fast and versatile remote desktop solution.