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Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2001 DB_Browser

Pop 26.23
Vit 3.33

DB_Browser is a CGI tool for developers working with any relational database supported by Perl::DBI. It easily facilitates searching, editing, and adding to tables within a database. While it can be used as a regular interface to database data itself, it works well as a supplemental tool for developers creating their own primary interface.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2002 phpFile

Pop 46.35
Vit 1.49

phpFile is a PHP3 application that allows you to easily include a simple file manager within to your Web site. phpFile's features include browsing, uploading, and deleting files.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2002 phpSearch

Pop 35.00
Vit 1.49

phpSearch is a PHP3 application that allows you to easily insert a search engine into your Web site. The search engine that phpSearch provides is based on a MySQL database. phpSearch supports single-table searches. It will generate a search-form dynamically, and will return the resulting list of matching records with selected fields.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2002 phpBanner

Pop 30.50
Vit 1.48

phpBanner is a PHP3 application that allows you to easily include a banner ads system on your Web site. phpBanner's features include membership for your clients, banner administration tools both for client and admin, an image uploader, no dependence on crontab access or cookies, and no duplicate banner displays from the same page. It also uses a simple script inclusion to include banners.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2006 Contenido

Pop 135.23
Vit 5.86

Contenido is a CMS (content management system) for the Web environment. It features advanced user management, in-site editing, a WYSIWYG editor, and more.

Download No website Updated 18 Jan 2002

Pop 33.05
Vit 1.02 is a PHP class for making connections to a MySQL database. Its features include error checking, error logging, optional error output, email notification of errors, devel mode for a development server, and test mode for outputting the queries to a page with or without execution. It returns pertinent information when the query is run (number of records updated, insert id, etc). Results are left as a MySQL result so that they may be manipulated by any MySQL functions. The class can also perform table grooming.

Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2002 phpSurvey

Pop 27.39
Vit 1.47

phpSurvey is a PHP3 script that allows you to easily manage Web Polls. It allows you to create polls, administrate, and view voting results. It also includes simple code snippets for integrating polls into your Web site.

Download Website Updated 26 Sep 2001 formapp

Pop 18.49
Vit 1.00

formapp is a PHP library and small application for MySQL database forms. Its main feature is the fact that the description of the forms is in the database, so there is no need to change the PHP code to generate a new form. To create new forms, just fill in the forms for a form, and the fields in the form.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2002 DBIx::Browse

Pop 20.49
Vit 2.01

DBIx::Browse handles the browsing of relational tables with a human-like interface via the Web. It transparently translates SELECTs, UPDATEs, DELETEs, and INSERTs from the desired "human view" to the values needed for the table. This is the case when you have related tables (1 to n) where the detail table has a reference (FOREIGN KEY) to a generic table (e.g., Customers and Bills) with some index (typically an integer).

No download No website Updated 22 Sep 2012 OTRS

Pop 807.06
Vit 12.54

OTRS is a platform independent Web-based help desk system that supports service organization of any kind (e.g. IT service, customer and technical product service, complaint management, public services, etc.) to increase their efficiency. It increases transparency as well as service quality and lowers your total cost of ownership. It has been certified ITIL V3 compatible by PinkVERIFY for incident, problem, change, service asset and configuration, request fulfillment, and knowledge management. Other ITIL processes like service catalog and service level management are supported as well.


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A microcontroller assembler.


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Mutt Folder List

A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.