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Download No website Updated 23 Mar 2014 PyCraft

Pop 149.89
Vit 8.22

PyCraft is an offline world editor for Minecraft, the multiplayer sandbox game.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2012 ClusterShell

Pop 110.37
Vit 3.99

ClusterShell is a set of tools and an event-based Python library to execute commands on local or remote cluster nodes in parallel. The framework also provides advanced methods for handling node sets and node groups to ease and improve administration of large compute clusters or server farms. Three convenient command line utilities, clush, clubak, and nodeset, allow traditional shell scripts to benefit some useful features offered by the library.

Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2011 Scheme2Js

Pop 101.73
Vit 6.28

Scheme2Js is an efficient Scheme to Javascript compiler. Scheme2Js is not completely R5RS compliant, but features call/cc, partial tail-rec recursion, variable argument functions, symbols, lists, and macros. However, it lacks (among other things) hygienic macros and exact numbers.


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An Emacs extension for interacting with a Confluence wiki.


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A portal generator for companies, organizations, or communities.