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Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2001 Quick Record

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Vit 1.44

Quick Record is a GNOME panel applet for one-click recording of music/speech. An optional prerecord buffer enables spontaneous recording without losing any music while focusing and clicking the applet.

Download No website Updated 26 May 2001 Blackdown Java Media Framework for Linux

Pop 36.74
Vit 1.00

The Java Media Framework (JMF) is an API for incorporating audio, video, and other time-based media into Java applications and applets. It is an optional package that extends the multimedia capabilities on the Java2 platform. The Blackdown JMF is a Performace Pack which includes native code in order to provide faster processing and tighter integration with Linux than the all-Java version.

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2002 FDMS-3 Ripper

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Vit 1.84

FDMS-3 Ripper lets you select audio tracks from an FDMS-3 filesystem and rip them to WAV format on a Linux system. It has been tested using a standard external SCSI hard disk onto which music had been recorded from a Fostex FD-8 multitrack hard disk recorder.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2001 DVTS

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Vit 68.44

DVTS (Digital Video Transport System) sends and receives DV data using the Internet. It consists of dvsend and dvrecv - dvsend receives DV data via IEEE1394, and sends it to dvrecv using IP, while dvrecv receives DV/RTP packets, and sends DV data using an IEEE1394 interface. Using DVTS, high quality realtime video meeting can be achieved. It consumes about 8-35 Mbps of network bandwidth. Supported platforms are FreeBSD4.x, MacOSX, and Linux.

Download Website Updated 15 Jan 2005 xmcd2make

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Vit 3.10

xmcd2make is a set of Perl scripts which support users of the gramofile recording, track splitting, and signal processing package. It consists of 3 userland tools: findtracks.pl (a command line interface to gramofile track detection), signalproc.pl (a command line interface to gramofile track splitting and signal processing), and xmcd2make.pl (a script that takes an xmcd file of song names and track timing files and creates a makefile). When the makefile is run, it splits the tracks, performs gramofile signal processing, and encodes the resulting tracks to Ogg Vorbis format with the correct song names and good tags.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2002 vgetty-servlet

Pop 19.36
Vit 1.77

The vgetty servlet allows you to listen to answerphone messages (which are recorded through something like vgetty). It includes features for viewing waiting voice messages, deleting voice messages, notification of interested parties, and general message maintenance.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2003 Manauton

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Vit 2.62

Manauton is a manual and autonomous sound recorder. In autonomous mode it can start and stop recording based on sound characteristics. When in manual mode, recording can be paused and un-paused manually. Using a series of buffers, the effect of negative latency can be accomplished, this effect cancels out the effect of the human latency associated with hearing a sound and interpreting it.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2003 jMax

Pop 82.82
Vit 2.17

jMax is a visual programming environment for building interactive real-time musical and multimedia applications by allowing the user to interactively design dataflow circuits. The basic data types that can go through are integers, symbols, lists, etc. It is an event-driven system and has been used for MIDI processing. A second part of the system (DSP) allows a continuous signal to flow through a circuit, which is most useful for PCM sound (ie. microphone, sound files, etc.). The system is extensible by using shared libraries, you may add data processor types, data types, GUI elements, device types, and more. Data processors may also be designed as circuits and reused.

No download Website Updated 09 Dec 2002 MP3do

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Vit 5.43

MP3do is an "all in one" bash script. It is useful for decoding and mastering audio files. It can decode a list of MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files to WAV or CD-R, auto-convert poor quality MP3s to 44100Hz stereo, check whether all files fit on a CD, normalize all WAV files (adjust the volume to a standard volume level), and burn a CD.

Download No website Updated 12 Apr 2002 Maudio

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Vit 1.00

Maudio is a simple audio mirroring device (a sort of audio pipe). Unlike a filesystem pipe, maudio behaves as a hardware soundcard. In particular, after installation of the driver, you get two audio-like devices (usually /dev/dsp0 and /dev/dsp1) which are connected to each other. Everything sent to the first DSP will appear as sound data on the second DSP and vice versa.


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