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Download No website Updated 19 Aug 2011 Captcha PHP

Pop 257.66
Vit 3.87

The captcha.php library is very user-friendly and extremely easy to integrate into existing forms, because of its simple API. It nevertheless sports many configuration options, like multiple image modes and accessible alternative text riddles. It also has "AJAX" super cow powers and many sensible defaults to frustrate users less than other implementations. It prevents spambot access well, even with its relaxed defaults.

Download No website Updated 03 Jul 2013 Feedback Form and Script

Pop 23.32
Vit 42.15

Feedback Form and Script is a feedback form with image verification and email/field validation. It allows your visitors to send you an email directly from your Web site. The script is very easy to install, use, and customize. You must just have access to a PHP server enabled.

Download No website Updated 26 Aug 2009 image_captcha

Pop 12.77
Vit 41.23

image_captcha will pull the images out of a user-defined directory and obfuscate them before rendering them to the screen. It will then allow the user to select the correct image via a select box or a radio button. This also allows the admin to choose the number of random words or filenames that will appear in the select box or radio field. Thumbnail support is available, in which missing thumbs are automatically generated from larger images and then displayed. Audio support is also provided for the visually impaired.

Download No website Updated 08 Sep 2009 patchca

Pop 59.67
Vit 1.00

patchca is a simple yet powerful CAPTCHA library for Java.

No download Website Updated 16 Nov 2009 libcaptcha

Pop 52.39
Vit 1.00

Libcaptcha is a small, portable CAPTCHA image generator library without dependencies. It generates 200x70 GIF images in the style of reCAPTCHA, with five random lower case letters. A simple command-line CAPTCHA generator for scripting uses is included.

Download No website Updated 09 Jun 2010 DanCaptcha

Pop 17.92
Vit 37.63

DanCaptcha is an AJAX-based CAPTCHA system that is accessbile to blind people since it uses sound.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2011 tCaptcha

Pop 12.61
Vit 33.95

tCaptcha generates CAPTCHA images with random alphanumeric characters. It is easy-to-use, fast, and secure.

Download No website Updated 16 Oct 2011 Blur effect

Pop 17.18
Vit 30.33

Blur effect is an object that can apply the blur effect to HTML page elements. It takes the identifier of a given page element and starts an animation effect that progressively alters CSS properties of that element that make it appear blurred. Different CSS properties may be altered depending on the capabilities of the current browser. The object can also execute an animation that reverts the blur effect of the element. There are versions of the object either based or not in the jQuery library.

Download No website Updated 16 Aug 2013 RainCaptcha

Pop 21.77
Vit 23.35

RainCaptcha is a CAPTCHA class that does not require any image processing extensions (GD, ImageMagick, etc). CAPTCHA was developed to be readable by humans and resistant to OCR software. It generates black-and-white images with 5 distorted letters on them and noise. Its checking algorithm is case-insensitive.

No download Website Updated 01 Nov 2012 PureCaptcha

Pop 29.39
Vit 23.18

PureCaptcha is a simple, powerful, and customizable library for generating CAPTCHA images.


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A flexible one time password authentication system with pluggable OTP algorithms and userstorages.