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Download Website Updated 14 Jan 2007 lcd2usb

Pop 38.88
Vit 1.41

The lcd2usb interface is meant to replace existing printer port solutions to connect those ubiquitous hd44780 based text LCDs with an up-to-date USB solution. The lcd2usb comes with fully documented hardware schematics and software drivers. It is supported by lcd4linux. lcd2usb is easily accessed using libusb, and the included demo application runs under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Download Website Updated 15 Jan 2007 userchroot

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Vit 1.00

userchroot is a small program which, in addition to doing a regular chroot, will also switch working directory once in chroot and drop privileges back to pre-suid values. It is intended to ease constructing chrooted user-driver services (running stfp-server in a restricted namespace for example). In order to conserve system resources, it is implemented in C. This makes it more suitable for higher load scenarios than scripts.

Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2010 zzuf

Pop 67.26
Vit 4.32

zzuf is a transparent application input fuzzer. Its purpose is to find bugs in applications by corrupting their user-contributed data, which frequently comes from untrusted sources on the Internet. It works by intercepting file and network operations and changing random bits in the program's input. zzuf's behavior is deterministic, making it easier to reproduce bugs.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2007 Space Maze

Pop 11.31
Vit 1.52

Space Maze is a shooting game in which you'll have to go around several mazes built in space to save our galaxy from an evil alien named "Fortress". To get to the place of Fortress, you must collect three keys to open the door. Keys are located and guarded in three mazes each.

Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2011 subtle

Pop 101.05
Vit 6.06

subtle is a grid-based manual tiling window manager with a strong focus on easy but customizable look and feel. In comparison to other tiling window managers, subtle has no automatic tiling of the screen size in any way. Instead, windows are arranged according to positions inside of a grid. These positions are called gravities.

Download Website Updated 16 Jan 2007 Squawk Chat

Pop 15.03
Vit 1.00

Squawk is a text and voice chat program geared towards gamers. It uses the Speex codec for voice audio compression, ALSA for sound input and output, and GNU/ncurses to provide a simple text interface. It is meant to eventually provide an alternative to Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

Download Website Updated 15 Jan 2007 pppd-logger

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Vit 1.00

pppd-logger is software to log pppd connections in a MySQL database and browse it via a GUI. It can calculate costs based on traffic price and time price.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2013 pycrc

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Vit 12.83

pycrc is an easy to use CRC calculator and source code generator. The generated C source code can be optimized for simplicity, speed, or tight memory constraints for embedded platforms. pycrc contains a long list of the parameters of common CRC models.

Download Website Updated 02 Feb 2011 Newsbeuter

Pop 69.80
Vit 6.96

Newsbeuter is an RSS feed reader designed to be used on text terminals on Unix and Unix-like systems. It was developed with texttools users in mind, and thus its interface is similar to tools like mutt and slrn.

Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2010 grub-choose-default

Pop 89.67
Vit 3.93

grub-choose-default is a simple but handy GUI to set the grub default for the next boot. It works under Linux and Windows.


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