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Download Website Updated 10 Jan 2005 Accountability Pal

Pop 47.50
Vit 1.42

Accountability Pal monitors your network and keeps track of who is using the Internet and what they are viewing, downloading, uploading, etc. It emails a report of each user's activity to the person/people you specify. It will monitor HTTP traffic, Peer-to-Peer, FTP, and more. It uses a plugin interface to allow others to easily add new protocols to its monitoring abilities.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2008 AceUnit

Pop 52.42
Vit 3.69

AceUnit (Advanced C and Embedded Unit) is a comfortable C code unit test framework. AceUnit is in the style of JUnit 4.x, and is easy, modular, and flexible. AceUnit can be used in resource constraint environments such as embedded software development.

No download Website Updated 08 Feb 2002 Acecad Flair Driver for Xfree4

Pop 82.17
Vit 2.09

This is an Acecad Flair serial/USB and A-series serial tablet Driver for Xfree4.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2007 Acer Hotkey Driver

Pop 64.25
Vit 7.67

The Acer Hotkey Driver is a kernel driver to access the launch keys found on Acer's Travelmate series and similar notebooks from other vendors. It is also capable of activating the WLAN and Bluetooth hardware found on some of the supported notebooks.

No download Website Updated 15 Apr 2003 Acid Rain

Pop 14.00
Vit 1.00

Acid Rain is a dynamic (theoretically endless) single-/multi-player realtime 3D role-playing game based on the tabletop RPG "Shadowrun" by FASA Corp.

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2009 Acidblood

Pop 33.47
Vit 3.02

Acidblood is an open source IRC robot written for Unix. Its features include channel and user management.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2007 Acogc

Pop 22.38
Vit 1.00

Acogc is a simple garbage collector. It can coexist with other allocation strategies, as it is implemented on top of malloc/free. It uses a stop-and-copy algorithm. Its main goal is to be small and embeddable, not to be fast. It provides accurate cooperative collection, so the user has to supply custom marker functions for objects and must tag references on the stack manually. Swept objects are not destroyed, but are pooled in a free-queue and for faster reallocation. Weak references to swept objects can reinstantiate the object.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2010 Acopost

Pop 24.88
Vit 1.00

ACOPOST is a set of freely available POS taggers modeled after well-known techniques. The programs are written in C (aiming for extreme portability and code correctness/safety) and run under various Unix flavors (and probably even under Windows). ACOPOST currently consists of four taggers that are based on different frameworks: Maximum Entropy Tagger (MET), Trigram Tagger (T3, based on Hidden Markov Models), Error-driven Transformation-based Tagger (TBT or Brill Tagger), and Example-based tagger (ET).

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2006 Active Block I/O Scheduling System

Pop 44.90
Vit 2.65

ABISS (Active Block I/O Scheduling System) is an extension for the Linux kernel that implements priorities for disk IO operations, and that provides a means for applications to use these priorities to obtain real-time (e.g. a guaranteed data rate) and prioritized best-effort services. The kernel code is supported by a user space daemon and a library.

Download Website Updated 06 Oct 2007 Active port forwarder

Pop 118.76
Vit 5.33

Active port forwarder uses SSL for secure packet tunneling. It is designed for people without an external IP who want to make some services available on the Internet. afserver is placed on the machine with a publicly accessible address, and afclient is placed on the machine behind a firewall or masquerade. This makes the second machine visible to the Internet. Running afserver does not require root priviledges, nor does it use other processes. Zlib is used to compress the transferred data.


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Open Camera

A camera app for Android.


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A SFTP plugin for the Total Commander based on PuTTY.