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Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2010 xCover

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Vit 2.29

xCover is a code coverage library for C and C++. It uses non-standard features available with GCC 4.3+ and Visual C++ 7.0+. Users place line-marks in each branch of each function or method in a component's source file, and the library is able to produce, upon request, a report of which of these has not been executed. Reporting can be done on a per-file, per-alias, or per-file-group basis.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2004 xLightFrame

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Vit 1.00

The Philips LightFrame2 is a technology for TV-quality video and photo display on a computer monitor. LightFrame(tm) is a combination of hardware and software for Windows. xLightFrame brings almost the same functionality to X. You can highlight the whole screen, or any part of it. This program is useful only on Phlips LightFrame-capable monitors, like the model 109S. It is an independent program that has no relation to or links with Philips. You can use it from the command line, or with help from the companion script

No download No website Updated 08 Sep 2009 xNBD

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Vit 41.00

xNBD is yet another NBD (Network Block Device) server program, which is fully compatible with the NBD client driver in the Linux kernel. In comparison with the original NBD server, it provides possibly better I/O performance by using mmap(), concurrent access from multiple clients, distributed Copy-on-Write disk, and live storage migration for virtual machines.

Download Website Updated 05 Jun 2002 xNBTscan

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Vit 1.00

xNBTScan is a GTK 2 interface to the NBTscan program, useful for locating netbios services on a network. It supports all options available in NBTscan 1.0.3.

No download Website Updated 18 Sep 2003 xSH-paranoia patch

Pop 35.62
Vit 1.42

xSH-Paranoia Patch is an project started for admins who work in large system environments. It allows you to see which user executes which command, when, where, and from what IP address. It logs everything to syslog, and with syslog-ng, you can log it to another machine where no user should/would have access. Currently supported shells are bash and tcsh.

No download Website Updated 07 Feb 2008 xSudoky

Pop 9.54
Vit 47.54

XSudoky plays Sudoku puzzles with logical methods, Do and UnDo, Postscript printing, and more.

No download Website Updated 13 Aug 2010 xTests

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Vit 6.81

xTests is a small, simple, lightweight, portable unit/component testing library for exercising C and C++ libraries. It relies on no platform-specific or compiler-specific constructs and doesn't require pre-processing of your source code by scripting languages or use macros to create secret classes that use Schwarz counters to register test cases. It relies on you to simply code what you want, and nothing that you don't want.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2004 xacpi

Pop 32.03
Vit 2.05

xacpi provides a small window that displays, from left to right and optionally, the time and date, the AC state, the battery charge, a colored bar representing the same, the CPU temperature, and the CPU frequency. It is based on xapm.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2004 xadpam

Pop 21.91
Vit 1.00

XAD is a Linux-PAM module which allows a system administrator to control authentication in a very fine-grained manner. This module is very easy to configure, and allows access to be controlled on the basis of many properties of the system or the user who is trying to authenticate.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2008 xastir

Pop 73.72
Vit 5.12

XASTIR (X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting) is a software client which uses amateur radio's APRS protocol. XASTIR provides messaging and realtime tracking of stations using map plotting via radio and Internet data streams.


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