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Download Website Updated 09 Jan 2002 3dfile

Pop 277.04
Vit 2.86

3dfile is a simple OpenGL-based file browser. Navigation is very easy; just point-and-click.

Download Website Updated 13 Jun 2012 AVFS

Pop 189.91
Vit 10.51

AVFS (A Virtual File System) is an easy-to-install system that enables all programs to access archived, compressed, remote, or other kind of virtual files without the need to recompile programs or the kernel. The following modules are currently implemented: tar, zip, rar, gzip, bzip2, ftp, http, dav, rsh/ssh, floppy, and many more.

No download Website Updated 31 May 2002 Abstract Large Files

Pop 18.65
Vit 1.00

The Abstract Large File (ALF) project is a portable library for writing logical files that can be larger than 2GB or contain holes on systems that don't support one or both properties.

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2006 Active Block I/O Scheduling System

Pop 51.22
Vit 2.66

ABISS (Active Block I/O Scheduling System) is an extension for the Linux kernel that implements priorities for disk IO operations, and that provides a means for applications to use these priorities to obtain real-time (e.g. a guaranteed data rate) and prioritized best-effort services. The kernel code is supported by a user space daemon and a library.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2003 AthFS

Pop 34.99
Vit 1.00

AthFS is a Linux kernel module for supporting AFS, the filesystem used by AtheOS and the Syllable operating system.

No download Website Updated 16 Jun 2004 Autodir

Pop 14.28
Vit 59.98

Autodir is a tool for creating directories transparently to the applications accessing them based on information available from sources like password and group databases. It currently supports the creation of home and group directories for LDAP, NIS, and SQL Unix accounts, and uses the autofs Linux kernel module to detect directory requests. It also supports calling backup programs when specific directories are not in use so that systems need not be taken offline for backup purposes.

Download No website Updated 10 May 2010 Autofs

Pop 201.47
Vit 5.57

autofs is a kernel-based automounter for Linux. It performs a job similar to amd but relies on a small stub of kernel code instead of pretending to be an NFS server. The result is simpler code, better reliability, and much faster operation in the common case (everything already mounted). Autofs 4 adds support for automounting trees of exported filesystems via /net.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2002 BeFS-driver for Linux

Pop 24.82
Vit 2.69

BeFS-driver for Linux is a read-only Linux 2.4 filesystem driver for the Be filesystem, the native filesystem of Be (includes BeOS). The basic features (directories and files) are stable, and robust. It is distributed as a source tarball and as a patch against the latest 2.4 kernels.

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2008 CDfs

Pop 325.75
Vit 6.21

CDfs is a file system for Linux systems that `exports' all tracks and boot images on a CD as normal files. These files can then be mounted (e.g. for ISO and boot images), copied, played (audio tracks), etc. The primary goal for developing this file system was to `unlock' information in old ISO sessions. The file system also allows you to access data on faulty multi session disks, e.g. disks with multiple single sessions instead of a multi session.

No download Website Updated 27 Jan 2006 Captive

Pop 173.90
Vit 3.75

Captive provides full read/write access to NTFS disk drives in the WINE way by using the original Microsoft Windows ntfs.sys driver. It emulates the required subsystems of the Microsoft Windows kernel by reusing one of the original ntoskrnl.exe, ReactOS parts, or this project's own reimplementations on a case by case basis. Involvement of the original driver files was chosen to achieve the best and unprecedented filesystem compatibility and safety.


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ISO Master

A graphical editor for ISO images.


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A business empowering tool and adaptable software program.