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Download Website Updated 28 Jan 2003 Aapje Messenger

Pop 29.93
Vit 2.01

Aapje Messenger aims to be an open, feature-filled MSN messenger clone. It features multiple user chats, file transfers, storing of contact lists, status and nick changing, adding/deleting/blocking of buddies, themeing, and more.

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2009 Acidblood

Pop 36.85
Vit 3.05

Acidblood is an open source IRC robot written for Unix. Its features include channel and user management.

No download Website Updated 14 Oct 2004 Akeni Web Chat

Pop 21.82
Vit 1.00

Akeni Web Chat is an IM system designed for universal accessibility and ease of deployment. With its browser-based client, there is no need to install any client side software. It is also firewall friendly and can be used whenever you have access to a Web browser. The rich client supports chat, notification, and conferencing. It also allows your staff to provide real time sales information and technical support to your customer using a simple Web-based interface.

No download Website Updated 20 Feb 2005 Akill On Entry (Anope Module)

Pop 9.54
Vit 1.00

This project is a module for Anope IRC Services that allows operators to create AOE (Akill On Entry) channels. These channels are emptied of users, and any subsequent joins receive an Akill (or one of a number of other configurable actions). The purpose of this module is to allow operators to have control over channels being used by spambot nets.

No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2003 Anope IRC Services

Pop 19.60
Vit 1.43

Anope is a set of IRC services designed to be stable, efficient, and user-friendly. Anope expands on the ever popular services developed by Lara.

No download Website Updated 30 May 2002 Ari's Yahoo Client

Pop 44.53
Vit 3.96

Ari's Yahoo Client is a compact, easy-to-use, text-based client for Yahoo! Messenger, based on yahoolib as distributed with GTKYahoo. Ari's Yahoo Client supports displaying your buddy list with the status of each person on it, displaying incoming messages from any Yahoo! ID, and sending messages to any Yahoo! ID (whether or not it is on your buddy list).

Download Website Updated 03 Apr 2006 AutoProfile

Pop 60.62
Vit 4.38

AutoProfile is an extension to Gaim that allows users to create customized away messages and profiles using dynamic "components" that automatically update on a regular basis. Generated text can include song names from XMMS, Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Player, snippets of Xanga and LiveJournal posts or other RSS feeds, statistics regarding saved conversation logs, a countdown/countup timer, fortune quotes, computer uptime, the contents of a Web page or a text file, the output of a program, and timestamps. A large number of options allows users to fully customize the program as they see fit.

No download Website Updated 20 Oct 2007 Automated File Retrieval

Pop 21.35
Vit 2.17

Automated File Retrieval (AFR) is a plugin for X-Chat. It is a queue-based file retrieval utility that can download files from many different types of file servers on IRC.

No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2010 BSW IRC Proxy

Pop 14.14
Vit 2.70

BSW IRC Proxy translates the chat aspect of the proprietary binary protocol used in the Java client for the online gaming portal to the standardized features of IRC (RFC 1459, 2810, 2811, particularly 2812, and 2813). It keeps a persistent connection to the client, server, and IRC client, in case one of them should vanish.

Download Website Updated 27 Nov 2001 Bahamut

Pop 111.07
Vit 3.56

The Bahamut IRCD is based on the EFNet Hybrid IRCD and has many additional features primarily designed for the DALnet IRC network. Its features include very high performance, compatibility with Solaris, BSD and Linux and a high level of stability under very high load, as well as many improvements over the original EFNet code. Bahamut is not compatible with Dreamforge as of version 1.2.0.


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