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No download No website Updated 02 Aug 2011 WallShuffle

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Vit 32.08

WallShuffle allows you to regularly change your wallpaper. You select a folder, then select a duration to apply a random picture as a desktop background. You can start the program in minimized mode with the "-m" argument, if you don't want to see it, or even hide the icon from the tray and forget it.

Download No website Updated 25 Oct 2012 MonoDevelop

Pop 18.17
Vit 24.08

MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages. intelligent code completion attempts to complete type, method, and field names as you're typing. The IDE automatically gets the class information from your source code files and from the libraries referenced in your project. A class viewer allows you to list the classes in your project, their methods, and properties. Your namespaces are also tracked to keep the classes separated. A powerful add-in engine, a modular API, and a complete set of extension points provides a seamless platform upon which to build your own development tools.

No download No website Updated 10 May 2014 Apitron.PDF.Rasterizer for .NET

Pop 29.85
Vit 4.45

Apitron PDF Rasterizer is a .NET component that performs high-quality conversion from PDF files to images. It supports complex PDF content including text (with embedded, externally linked, standard, simple, and composite fonts), images, including masked ones, complex paths and fills, PDF Forms, annotation objects of various types, all blending modes, tiling patterns, shading patterns (function-based, axial, radial), transparency groups, masked content (stencil masks, colorkey masks, soft masks), all colorspaces specified by the PDF standard, Adobe Illustrator created files, PDF bookmarks and page navigation support, and text search and highlighting (including non-Latin alphabets).


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A universal database manager.


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Intuitive and powerful DJ mixing software.