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Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2007 XMLSysInfo

Pop 39.80
Vit 5.14

XMLSysInfo (XSI) is an easy-to-use, secure, and comprehensive system monitoring daemon that replies to network queries with XML-encoded system information and statistics. This data can then be analyzed, graphed, or otherwise presented by a front-end.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2006 QGnokii

Pop 17.89
Vit 1.75

QGnokii is an alternative frontend for Gnokii written in C and C++ using the QT3 toolkit. It handles most common functions in mobile phones. It has been tested under Linux.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2013 Antiprism

Pop 82.70
Vit 10.50

Antiprism polyhedron modelling software is a set of programs for creating, transforming, analyzing, and visualizing polyhedra.

Download Website Updated 05 Apr 2012 incron

Pop 170.59
Vit 9.01

incron is an "inotify cron" system. It works like the regular cron but is driven by filesystem events instead of time periods. It contains two programs, a daemon called "incrond" (analogous to crond) and a table manipulator "incrontab" (like "crontab").

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2010 KDE KBackup

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Vit 3.41

KBackup is a program that lets you back up any directories or files. It uses an easy-to-use directory tree to select the things to back up. The program was designed to be very simple to use so that it can be used by those who are not computer experts. The storage format is the well known tar format, compressed with bzip2 or gzip. It also includes German, French, Italian, and Russian translations for the user interface and English and German translations of the handbook.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2007 AntiCutAndPaste

Pop 84.75
Vit 2.99

AntiCutAndPaste is designed to search for text fragments that have been copied and pasted in programming language source code or plain text. It has been tested on sources from large C++, Pascal, Java, and C# (Mono) projects. The algorithms used are very fast and can handle up to three million C++ code lines in one minute. Minor modifications of code are ignored during the search. Reports are sorted conveniently by the total size of all similar fragments and there are many report customization options.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2006 Data stream processing toolkit

Pop 12.96
Vit 1.00

Data stream processing toolkit (dspt) is intended for processing huge amounts (gigabytes) of data in an efficient manner. The structure of the data files is user-defined, and the queries are written in a declarative style. Currently included algorithms range from simple filtering on predicates to aggregation and sorting. It also includes some convenience classes (e.g. for accessing BerkeleyDB databases). The toolkit does not offer as wide a range of operations as an RDBMS, but some measurements of simpler queries have shown it to be more than 10x faster than PostgreSQL.

Download Website Updated 05 Jul 2007 Lattice point Enumeration

Pop 16.61
Vit 1.83

LattE (Lattice point Enumeration) is computer software dedicated to the problems of counting and detecting lattice points inside convex polytopes, and the solution of integer programs. It contains an implementation of Barvinok's algorithm. LattE was developed in 2002/2003 by a team directed by J.A. De Loera at UC Davis. Current development (since 2006) takes place under the name "LattE macchiato".

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2006 QuteMol

Pop 34.21
Vit 2.03

QuteMol is an interactive, high-quality molecular visualization system. QuteMol exploits the capabilites of current GPUs through OpenGL shaders to offer an array of innovative visual effects. QuteMol visualization techniques are aimed at improving clarity and an easier understanding of the 3D shape and structure of large molecules or complex proteins.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2013 WebIssues

Pop 244.64
Vit 28.61

WebIssues is a multi-platform system for issue tracking and team collaboration. It can be used to store, share, and track issues with various attributes, description, comments, and file attachments. It is easy to install and use but has many capabilities and is highly customizable. Desktop and Web clients are provided.


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GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.


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A programmer's text editor.