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Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2013 YML

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Vit 18.58

YML (Why a Markup Language?!) is an easy language to compile into XML. YSLT is an easy language for code generation, automating your software development tasks.

No download Website Updated 12 Jun 2008 ant-ikvmc

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Vit 46.64

Ant-Ikvmc is an Ant task for IKVMC, a tool that converts Java bytecode to .NET dll and exe files. This library provides Ant interface to IKVMC. It also provides a Java doclet to generate IKVMC mapping files from your sources.

Download Website Updated 13 Jun 2008 alienbuild

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Vit 1.00

Alienbuild is a multi-threaded cross-platform build system written in Python with the intent to outperform all other build systems in speed. Smart methods for dependency checking were used in the creation of Alienbuild for the fastest and most optimal build times. A major goal is to support large projects and asset building pipelines.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 2008 TeamCity

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Vit 46.52

TeamCity is an out-of-the-box build management and continuous integration server supporting both Java and .NET teams. Its unique features include pre-tested commits that — protect the code base and ensures that no broken code is ever committed, a Build Grid that allows builds and tests to be run under different platforms and environments simultaneously, extreme ease of configuration, and integration with top IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and Visual Studio.

No download Website Updated 24 Jun 2008 Mercenary Build System

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Vit 46.51

Mercenary is a software build tool. It is easy and lightweight enough to use for small projects, yet capable of scaling upwards to handle the most demanding build requirements.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2009 svntask

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Vit 1.54

svntask is a very simple solution for using svn from ant. It provides an easy way to get the svn revision number from ant.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2008 Window Object Library

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Vit 1.00

Window Object Library is a library and resource designer for application development using Object Pascal under Linux (GTK) and Windows (native or GTK). The library is written in the Free Pascal dialect.

Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2009 qsgen

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Vit 1.60

qsgen (the Quick Site Generator) is a static Web site generator. It uses a set of Mako input templates and outputs a static site from those templates. qsgen also has builtin support for code documentation and commenting with highlight generation using Pygments.

No download Website Updated 22 Aug 2008 hasher

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Vit 1.00

hasher is a secure package buliding tool for RPM packages and also ultra-light virtualization technology.

Download Website Updated 24 Aug 2008 cinabox

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Cinabox (Continuous Integration in a Box) automates the setup of a Continuous Integration (CI) system by doing The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work. It consists of two simple scripts to set up a cruisecontrolrb CI server from scratch on an Ubuntu 8.04 system: one script to bootstrap Ruby, and another script to set up CI.


Project Spotlight


A utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases.


Project Spotlight


A non-graphical .NET Project management component which enables .NET applications to read, write, and manage Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.