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No download No website Updated 27 May 2009 FitNesse Maven Classpath Plugin

Pop 28.04
Vit 42.74

FitNesse Maven Classpath Plugin is a Maven2 plugin that collects the dependencies of the entire project, including its sub-modules. After resolving the artifacts, it generates the classpath and inserts it into the Fitnesse test suites, thus solving the problem of maintaining the correct classpath in FitNesse.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2007 Flagpoll

Pop 26.06
Vit 3.70

Flagpoll is a tool for developers to use meta-data files for storing information on what is needed to compile their software. Think of it as the rpm of software development. It provides developers with total control over which packages, versions, architectures, et cetera that they want to use meta-data from. Instead of specifying other packages' cflags and ldflag manually, you can call `flagpoll mylib --cflags --ldflags` and it will retrieve the flags for its package as well as its dependencies.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2003 Fopps

Pop 60.89
Vit 2.86

FOPPS (Feature Oriented Product Planning System) is a tool that helps you to design your software product line. It provides feature-based configuration to maintain your core assets and applications.

Download Website Updated 06 Aug 2006 Free Java

Pop 63.10
Vit 2.62

Free Java is a development environment designed to help beginners write Java programs. Its editor includes syntax highlighting and an undo/redo function. It features a structure panel and a file browser. Compiling and running a program can be done with the push of a single button, and compiler errors are shown clearly. There is also a virtual console to show a program's console output. Free Java is based on J2SDK 1.3.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2006 GBAconv

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Vit 1.00

GBAconv is a set of tools aimed at GameBoy Advance developers, allowing them to convert WAV sounds and PCX images into C arrays to be included in GBA programs. It is composed of two programs: pcx2gba (exports a PCX 8-bpp image to 16-bit values C arrays: palette and image data (2 pixels per value)) and wav2gba (exports a WAV 8-bit mono sound to an 8-bit signed values array).

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2008 GJDoc

Pop 19.44
Vit 1.00

GJDoc is the GNU documentation generation framework for Java source files.

Download Website Updated 03 Feb 2013 GNU Autoconf Macro Archive

Pop 163.44
Vit 19.66

The GNU Autoconf Archive is a collection of more than 450 macros for GNU Autoconf. They can be re-used without imposing any restrictions on the licensing of the generated configure script. In particular, it is possible to use them in configure scripts that are meant for non-free software.

Download Website Updated 18 Jun 2007 GNU Make Standard Library

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Vit 1.64

The GNU Make Standard Library (GMSL) is a collection of functions implemented using native GNU Make functionality that provide list and string manipulation, integer arithmetic, associative arrays, stacks, and debugging facilities.

No download Website Updated 31 Oct 2005 GNU indent

Pop 86.02
Vit 4.39

indent is the GNU indenting program. It is used to beautify C program source files.

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2013 GNU make

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Vit 16.60

GNU Make examines the timestamps on a set of interdependent files, and, if necessary, issues commands to bring them up-to-date. The user creates a makefile describing the files, their relationships, and the commands to run. Most often make is used to rebuild libraries and programs when their sources are changed, but it can be used for any situation where one set of files needs to be generated from another set.


Project Spotlight


A utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases.


Project Spotlight


A non-graphical .NET Project management component which enables .NET applications to read, write, and manage Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.