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Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2010 dracMail

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dracMail is a webmail interface built using PHP, ExtJS (a JavaScript framework), MySQL, and IMAP. Its features include a rich UI, a WYSIWYG editor, HTML mail composing, and message caching.

Download No website Updated 29 Jul 2009 GMT Converter

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GMT Converter is a class used to convert date/time to available GMTs based on your server time.

No download Website Updated 20 Sep 2010 datafromdump

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Vit 36.16

datafromdump is a class that manipulates table dumps from full MySQL database dumps. The SQL CREATE and INSERT statements for a number of given tables can be extracted and executed immediately or saved to a new database dump file. During the first scan of a dump file, it tries to create a "metadata" file, so the subsequent data extraction jobs will be much faster. CREATE TABLE operators can be executed or included into the resulting SQL file or not, according to passed parameters. A short "statistic page" can be printed after the job.


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A lightweight caching Web proxy.


Project Spotlight


An OpenBSD flash read-only installer.