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Download No website Updated 08 May 2013 pdf_gantt

Pop 18.44
Vit 18.61

pdf_gantt is a TCPDF wrapper class for rendering Gantt charts as a part of a created PDF document. It has features for adjusting the printing area, font colors for different text blocks, background and referencing arrows colors, and other parameters. It will automatically adjust start dates for dependant tasks to start right after "parent" tasks. List of people responsible for each task can be printed. The class can be used standalone or as a PrintFormPDF plugin.

Download No website Updated 20 Jun 2013 cLogger

Pop 18.03
Vit 17.68

cLogger is a PHP class that handles exceptions and logs them to files. It can also email a sysadmin.

No download No website Updated 10 Aug 2013 PHP SMS Authentication

Pop 22.80
Vit 16.12

PHP SMS Authentication is a PHP class that implements a one time password system using SMS and the Textlocal service.


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A vte-based terminal emulator.


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A fast concurrent memoization map.