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Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2013 NumaTOP

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NumaTOP is an observation tool for runtime memory locality characterization and analysis of processes and threads running on a NUMA system. It helps the user characterize the NUMA behavior of processes and threads and identify where the NUMA-related performance bottlenecks reside. It uses Intel performance counter sampling technologies and associates the performance data with system runtime information to provide realtime analysis for production systems.

Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2012 Numerical Python

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Numerical Python (NumPy) adds a fast and sophisticated array facility to the Python language.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2014 NuttX

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Nuttx is a real-time embedded operating system (RTOS). It has a small footprint that is usable in micro-controller environments. It is fully scalable from tiny (8-bit) to moderate embedded (32-bit) systems. It also aims to be fully compliant to standards, to be fully real time, and to be totally open.

No download Website Updated 27 Mar 2006 Nux

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Nux is a Java toolkit that makes efficient and powerful XML processing easy. It is geared towards embedded use in high-throughput XML messaging middleware such as large-scale peer-to-peer infrastructures, message queues, publish-subscribe, and matchmaking systems. It provides a robust commodity Java tool set for XML, XQuery, XPath, schema validation, binary XML, fuzzy fulltext similarity search, and related technologies. Nux allows you to mix and match powerful main-memory XML tools that fit your needs.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2014 NxWidgets

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NXWidgets is a graphical user interface package for the NuttX RTOS. It integrates seamlessly with the NuttX NX graphics subsystem in order to provide graphic objects, or "widgets". It is written entirely in C++ using only selected "embedded friendly" C++ constructs which are fully supported under NuttX. No additional C++ support libraries are required. It is tailored for use with MCUs in embedded applications. It is ideally suited for the mid-to-upper range of most MCU families. It will work on high-end frame buffer devices as well as on LCDs connected via serial or parallel ports to a small MCU. It will accept position and selection inputs from a mouse or a touchscreen. It will also support character input from a keyboard such as a USB keyboard. It supports a special widget called CKeypad which provides keyboard input via an on-screen keypad which can be operated via a mouse or touchscreen inputs. Some of the graphic objects supported by NXWidgets include labels, buttons, text boxes, button arrays, check boxes, cycle buttons, images, sliders, scrollable list boxes, and progress bars.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2006 OBPkg

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OBPkg is a GTK2+ based frontend for the OpenBSD ports/package system. It is like Ubuntu's synaptic. It supports local ports and packages, as well as packages located on FTP servers. It also supports 'universe' packages (unofficial packages produced by other people).

No download Website Updated 22 Jan 2010 OFC2 helper library

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OFC2 helper library is a PHP library to aid in the rapid development of Open Flash Chart 2 charts. It provides functions for very easy integration of OFC2 into a Web page. It supports multiple charts on the same page, dynamically sized charts and dynamic Y axis max value calculation. This library is not associated with Open Flash Chart 2 in any way other than providing a set of wrappers around the OFC2 API.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2008 OKL4

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OKL4 is a microkernel that is designed to provide high-performance and secure OS and virtualization technology especially for use in embedded systems. It is a descendant of NICTA::Pistachio-embedded, itself a descendant of L4Ka::Pistachio.

No download Website Updated 02 Dec 2008 OKL4 Microkernels

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OKL4 Microkernels are a family of second-generation microkernels based on the original designs and implementations by Jochen Liedtke. Originally implemented in highly tuned i386-specific assembly language code, the API has seen extensive development in a number of directions, both in achieving a higher grade of platform independence and also in improving security, isolation, and robustness. There have been various re-implementations of the original binary kernel interface and its higher level successors, including L4Ka::Pistachio, L4/MIPS, and Fiasco. For this reason, the name L4 now applies to the whole microkernel family including the L4 kernel interface and its different versions.

No download Website Updated 18 Dec 2010 OPA

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OPA is a Java GUI application framework that provides services common to mst GUI domains such as window, user option, resource, help, action, module, log, and directory management. It is based on a module architecture where modules (JAR files) are added at start-up and make use of the services provided.


Project Spotlight


A 3D space shooter and clone of Atari Star Raiders.


Project Spotlight

Client-side Security Exit for DTCC

Send security credentials to DTCC via an MQ exit