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No download Website Updated 06 May 2010 scikits.learn

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scikits.learn is a Python module that integrates classic machine learning algorithms in the tightly-knit world of scientific Python packages. It aims to provide simple and efficient solutions to learning problems that are accessible to everybody and reusable in various contexts: machine-learning as a versatile tool for science and engineering.

Download No website Updated 07 May 2012 scikits.statsmodels

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scikits.statsmodels is a Python package which provides a complement to scipy for statistical computations, including descriptive statistics and estimation of statistical models. The main included model categories are linear, discrete, generalized linear, and robust linear models, and, in time series analysis, AR, ARMA, and VAR. It also includes statistical tests mainly for regression diagnostics.

Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2013 sdparm

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sdparm has a command line interface for getting and setting SCSI mode page fields. Fields can be referred to by an acronym or a numerical address. It has support for various SCSI transport and vendor-specific mode pages. It also decodes Vital Product Data (VPD) pages and can send some simple SCSI commands. sdparm was originally written for Linux with ports to FreeBSD, Solaris, Tru64, and Windows.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2011 sfront

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Sfront compiles MPEG 4 Structured Audio (MP4-SA) programs into efficient C programs that generate audio when executed. MP4-SA is a standard for normative algorithmic sound, which combines an audio signal processing language (SAOL) with score languages (MIDI and SASL). Under Mac OS X and Linux, sfront supports real-time, low-latency audio input/output and MIDI input. Under Mac OS X, sfront supports the creation of AudioUnit plug-ins. The documentation includes a book about SAOL programming.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2008 sftpup

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sftpup is used for uploading files to FTP servers and keep them consistent with a local directory.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2007 sharehound

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Sharehound is a network file systems indexer and Google-like searcher written in Java and based on Apache Lucene. It currently supports SMB file shares (i.e. MS Windows-based network shares) and FTP resources. A Web UI is used for search and crawl monitoring. An RSS feed is provided for search results that include deleted files info.

No download Website Updated 24 Jul 2008 shwild

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shwild is a simple, platform-independent library that implements shell-compatible wildcard pattern matching. It is implemented in C/C++, expressing a C API with a C++ wrapper.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2007 shwild.fnmatch

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shwild.fnmatch is a small, simple library that provides a platform-independent implementation of the UNIX shell function fnmatch(). It is implemented with three other open-source libraries: shwild (http://shwild.org/), cstring (http://synesis.com.au/software/cstring) and STLSoft (http://stlsoft.org/).

Download Website Updated 07 Aug 2004 sign

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sign is a file signing and signature verification utility. It implements gzip-style command line syntax and OpenSSH-style key-based authentication. It is small, fast, and is meant to facilitate the use of authenticated file hashing for online distributed material.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2010 sitepages_guard

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sitepages_guard is a PHP class to monitor and restore damaged application files on a Web site. It can scan the application directory and make a compressed backup of its files. Later, the class can check if all files are still OK. If any files were damaged, the class can warn the administrator by email and restore the damaged or deleted files form a previous backup. If the installation is updated, the class can update the existing backup archive.


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A 3D space shooter and clone of Atari Star Raiders.


Project Spotlight

Client-side Security Exit for DTCC

Send security credentials to DTCC via an MQ exit