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Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2011 Coan

Pop 18.06
Vit 29.08

Coan is a software engineering tool for analyzing preprocessor-based configurations of C or C++ source code. Its principal use is to simplify a body of source code by eliminating any parts which are redundant with respect to a specified configuration.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2013 Fossil

Pop 89.08
Vit 4.53

Fossil is a distributed software configuration management/version control system built with reliability and ease of use on mind. It comes with integrated bug tracking and a wiki. It is distributed as a single static binary for easy installation and the ability to run in a chrooted environment. Other highlights include a Web interface, autosync, simple networking, and CGI support.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2013 Pyrseas

Pop 121.86
Vit 10.02

Pyrseas provides a framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational database. It currently includes the dbtoyaml utility to create a YAML description of a PostgreSQL database's tables, and the yamltodb utility to generate SQL statements to modify a database to match an input YAML specification. It also aims to develop data administration tools to supplement an agile database development process.

No download Website Updated 10 Jan 2012 MSR Tools

Pop 48.19
Vit 3.37

MSR Tools is a source code evolution analysis tool. It consists of a framework for mining software repositories and tools for metric calculation, visualization, and defect prediction.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2013 Repocafe

Pop 62.05
Vit 3.29

Repocafe helps users and admins manage subversion repositories. Admins can easily set up svn hosting. Users can create repositories and manage repo/path access rights using the self-service Web application. Authentication is LDAP-based. Using multiple LDAPs is supported. It is easy to facilitate use of large existing groups.

No download No website Updated 23 Oct 2010 svn-dump-fast-export

Pop 9.75
Vit 35.67

svn-dump-fast-export converts a textual representation of a Subversion repository into input suitable for git-fast-import and similar importers. Subversion repository dumps can be generated using the 'svnadmin dump' or 'svk admin dump' command. To support incremental imports, it puts a 'git-svn-id' line at the end of each commit log message if passed an URL on the command line. Empty directories and unknown properties are silently discarded. The resulting repository will generally require further processing to put each project in its own repository and to separate the history of each branch. The 'git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter' command may be useful for this purpose.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2009 RunVCS

Pop 23.79
Vit 1.49

RunVCS is a restricted shell that allows the user to run version control software and only access specified repositories. It also provides other useful features such as changing the username that is passed to programs. Only SVN is supported currently, but more version control systems will be supported over time.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2009 csup

Pop 30.64
Vit 1.00

csup is a solid CVSup replacement for checkout-only functionality. It still misses a few features that CVSup offers, such as CVS mode and authentication, but those are not necessary if all you want to do with it is update your FreeBSD source tree or ports tree.

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2007 SVNBot

Pop 21.56
Vit 1.00

SVNBot is a program written in PHP that constantly runs in the background (or foreground, if desired) and monitors your SVN repository (or part of it). When it notices the repository has changed, it notifies everyone on its jabber contact list providing a quick overview of what has been changed (in a format similar to the 'svn log -v' command).

Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2007 SubdiverSVN

Pop 17.83
Vit 48.26

SubdiverSVN is a convenient Subversion client.


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An interactive symbolic-numeric system dedicated to celestial mechanics.


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Kigo M4V Converter for Mac

Convert protected M4V files to MP4, MOV, iPod, iPhone, or Audio format.