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Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2012 OpenAtom

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OpenAtom is a highly scalable and portable parallel application for molecular dynamics simulations at the quantum level. It implements the Car-Parrinello ab-initio Molecular Dynamics (CPAIMD) method. OpenAtom is written using the Charm++ parallel programming framework.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2012 ITK

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The National Library of Medicine Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK) is a software system to support the Visible Human Project. Segmentation is the process of identifying and classifying data found in a digitally sampled representation. Registration is the task of aligning or developing correspondences between data. For example, in the medical environment, a CT scan may be aligned with an MRI scan in order to combine the information contained in both.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2012 Globus Toolkit

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Globus is a project to provide robust, secure, peer-to-peer distributed computing on supercomputers, clusters, and other high-performance systems. It differs from other such network toolkits in that it is tuned to the needs of high-end machines.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2012 Network Simulator

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Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. It provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks. It includes an optional network animator (nam).

Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2012 Parallel-NetCDF

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Parallel-NetCDF is a library providing high-performance I/O using MPI-IO and a customized version of the NetCDF API while still maintaining file-format compatibility with Unidata's NetCDF.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2012 OpenEXR

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OpenEXR is a high dynamic range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications. It includes support for 16-bit floating-point pixels (compatible with NVIDIA's Cg shader language "half" datatype), several lossless compression algorithms, and extensible image metadata attributes.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2012 libvorbis

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Ogg Vorbis is a high-quality lossy audio codec that is free of intellectual property restrictions. libvorbis is the main vorbis codec library. It depends on libogg for bitstream and framing support.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2012 libogg

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libogg is the bitstream and framing library for the Ogg project. It provides functions which are necessary to codec libraries like libvorbis.

Download No website Updated 21 Jul 2012 Mapito

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Mapito is a platform for editing and sharing spatial data. You do not have know programming to use it, and you can create map portals in just a few steps. Mapito helps you create a PostGIS database, interconnect PostGIS and Geoserver, and create a Web viewer for spatial data.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2012 The Contiki Operating System

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Contiki is an open source, highly portable, networked, multi-tasking operating system for the Internet of Things. Contiki includes a multitasking kernel, a TCP/IP stack and a set of application programs, and a low-power radio communication stack. It is written in C and designed to be very small: it runs comfortably in a few kilobytes of RAM.


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A cluster operating system.


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Univention Corporate Server

A server operating system with an integrated identity and infrastructure management system.