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Download Website Updated 24 Jun 2003 ficl

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Ficl (Forth inspired command language) is an ANS Forth interpreter written in C. Unlike traditional Forths, this interpreter is designed to be embedded into other systems as a command/macro/development prototype language. Ficl provides object extensions that can be used to wrap methods and structures of the host system without altering them.

No download Website Updated 11 Aug 2002 Oboeru

Pop 13.04
Vit 1.42

Oboeru is a flash card application for PalmOS. It manages flash cards and creates tests for the user.

Download Website Updated 10 Nov 2013 ATLAS

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Vit 41.47

The ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) project is an ongoing research effort focusing on applying empirical techniques in order to provide portable performance. It provides C and Fortran77 interfaces to a portably efficient BLAS implementation, as well as a few routines from LAPACK.

Download Website Updated 20 Jul 2004 Xmlrpc-c-palm

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Vit 1.00

Xmlrpc-c-palm is a partial port of the Xmlrpc-C project into a Glib library for PalmOS. The port includes serialization code used to construct XML-RPC messages, but no parsing support. There is also no support for encoding Base64 or doubles as XML-RPC parameters.


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A C implementation of NTRUEncrypt.


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An XML database and XQuery processor.