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No download No website Updated 23 Jan 2014 OGDL

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OGDL (Ordered Graph Data Language) is a structured textual format for representing graphs of information. Its grammar is very simple, allowing for very compact parsers. It is a readable substitute for XML in data applications (such as configuration files).

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2013 sejd

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Sejd is a very basic line editor which is intended to be a middle ground between "cat" and "ed". It only uses the C89 standard library.

No download Website Updated 11 Feb 2014 mctdhtools

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The mctdhtools project aims to provide a set of routines for easily reading and manipulating the output of the Heidelberg MCTDH code. Its goal is to allow a new user to quickly get started with writing custom analysis programs, and to allow more experienced users to write small, clean, and testable analysis programs, something that seems incompatible with the Fortran-77 code of the Heidelberg MCTDH package.


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A news reader.


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An enterprise-grade network management platform.